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As I Am Now is a survival game with an emphasis on building and creativity. A player starts their journey in the snowy mountains of Montana at the base of Mount McKinley, where they must survive through winter by hunting, gathering resources, crafting items from harvested plants and animals, or exploring to find new land. Each day brings a new challenge that can be met head-on or mindfully avoided as needed…..

The “art of manliness sunday firesides” is a podcast from the “art of manliness. It is hosted by Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson. The podcasts are about self-improvement, personal development, character development, and life lessons.


It’s become a cliché to say that Westerners avoid thinking about mortality and, as a consequence, live lives that are less important and urgent.

The complex ways in which this avoidance occurs, beyond just avoiding one’s gaze when driving by a funeral parlor, are less well understood.

Our attachment to the news cycle reflects our denial of mortality. We’re addicted because we’re afraid of missing out on something essential… none more so than the startling news that science has finally discovered a cure for death.

We also try to avoid death’s inevitable by increasing our output. If we can get beyond the conventional restrictions of time, if we can do more than seems humanly conceivable, we may be able to alter our condition, gain some omnipotence, and swap our limited humanness for everlasting godhood.

Then there’s the way we degrade the elderly and those who have already died. A guy of 50 seems to be a shallower, less emotionally complicated entity to a man of 20. We believe the individuals in black and white images led lives that were fundamentally different from our own at any age. Because if we are somehow “realer” than they are, we will not suffer the same destiny, will not see our bodies age and droop, and will not perish off the face of the world.

Unfortunately, we are not a marginally different species from the billions that came before us. We can’t change ourselves to become that way, either. And meandering around a centuries-old graveyard may be the finest cure to this death-denying mindset. You’ll often come across gravestones etched with a thought-provoking inscription.

It reads:

Please keep me in mind as you pass by. As you are now, I was once, and as I am now, you will be shortly. As a result, be ready to follow me.



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