Sunday Firesides: Against Little Red Hen Culture

The myth of the Little Red Hen represents a culture that emphasizes on hard work. But this story is based off of an old folk tale, and it’s not just about how to handle work–it’s about whether or not there needs to be any kind of effort in life at all.

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the Little Red Hen fable. The hen begs her pals to assist her in planting and harvesting wheat, but they turn her down. They refuse to grind the wheat into flour and bake the flour into bread when she orders them to do so. When the hot, delicious-smelling bread comes out of the oven, all of the hen’s buddies are clamoring for a slice. They didn’t want to make the bread, but they all wanted to consume it.

When it was originally recounted, the ancient tale reflected certain human characteristics, and it may still teach us something about our civilization now.

Everyone wants their kids to have a positive childhood sports experience, but no one wants to coach a team.

Nobody wants to throw a party, but no one wants to host one.

Nobody likes to teach Sunday school, but everyone wants their children to learn wonderful things at church.

No one wants to run for government, but everyone wants a more polite, honest, and informed politics.

Nobody likes to produce the “bread” of healthy communities, rich experiences, and a strong society, but everyone wants to consume it.

Of course, I’m using the word “nobody” in a rhetorical sense; there are a few brave people who do take the initiative in generating the goods that they and others appreciate. However, the number of potential customers far outnumbers the number of producers. The 20% of people who volunteer, host, and organize are unable to feed the 80% of those who declare they are starving for bread. Too many individuals are waiting for and expecting someone else to fill the void.

However, we should be “someone else.” We need more dedicated bakers in this world of limitless takers.



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