Sunday Firesides: Act on What You Have, to Get What You Don’t

A lot of people spend their weekends with friends or family, and they’re often not aware that those gatherings could have a significant impact on the future. For example, research has shown that if you invite your friends over to watch football every week for six months, it can increase the odds that someone will retire by 33%.

Act on What You Have, to Get What You Don’t poster.

Have you ever felt like you were trapped in your life? That you haven’t made any progress? You believe that in order to go ahead, you need a fresh perspective, a new method, or a new sense of direction. However, you can’t seem to figure out what it is.

There’s a reason for this: you’ve done nothing with the information and nudges you’ve already received.

You must take action on what you currently have in order to unlock what you don’t yet have.

You will obtain additional remembrances to record if you act on the to-that do’s show up in your thoughts by writing them down.

You’ll have more of these ah-ha moments if you act on a creative inspiration notion.

When you act on anything a buddy says and show real interest in it, you’ll get more of their information.

When you follow through on a mentor’s advise, you’ll get more of it in the future.  

You will get more of this revelatory counsel if you respond on a spiritual impulse.

The following, previously unimagined step will appear when you move to take the first step ahead.

You lose even those gifts when you don’t accomplish anything with what you’ve already been given, and the spring of further sparks dries up. When you act on what your psyche/associate/God/the universe has given you right now, on the other hand, it establishes that you can be trusted with more in the future. And he continues to do so.

“Try to put properly into practice what you now know; in thus doing, you will, in due time, find the secret things which you now enquire about,” wrote the artist Rembrandt.