It’s time to get out of the house, and I’m talking about staying sane in a pandemic. The scariest day of my life was the day I contracted hepatitis C from a hepatitis B patient. I didn’t know at the time that the Hepatitis C virus could be transmitted through blood, but I was in a very poor state of health. I lost my hair, couldn’t make jokes, didn’t know when I was going to break down, and was vomiting a lot. I stayed in the house for most of the pandemic, which was horrible because it was dark and cold, but I stuck it out because I wanted to stay healthy.

I followed these tips for staying sane in a pandemic, and I had to laugh to myself when I got well. My immune system was really low, so I was a walking zombie for most of the pandemic. I was up and down, and I could barely walk. But I kept at it because I wanted to feel like myself again. I wanted to eat, breathe, see, touch and walk.

Staying sane starts before you start feeling sick. You’ve got to make yourself a little bit less susceptible. For instance, keep your hair trimmed. If you’re wearing a tie to a job interview, make sure it’s not too tight. Hair holds in moisture so when you’re sweaty, it can get soaked.

Get into the habit of eating breakfast (and drinking plenty of water). This will help you stay full until lunch time. Don’t eat a big lunch. Small nutritious meals at regular intervals throughout the day are a good way of staying sane in a pandemic. Eat an apple, some skim milk and a bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

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Make sure that you wash your hands regularly and use a sanitizer on them if you need to. In the days leading up to a pandemic, there may be a lot of transfer of disease-causing agents between people. You want to keep yourself as clean as possible so that you won’t be bringing these diseases home with you.

Get into the habit of keeping your household windows open. The flu season usually peaks during the summer months. Try to avoid air conditioning as much as possible. The windows provide lots of natural heat. Keep them open just a crack to keep the cold out. When it’s really cold outside, don’t expose yourself to the weather.

Watch what you eat and drink. Stay away from dairy products. They have a lot of lactose in them. Drink lots of filtered water. It’s best if you drink pure natural water with no additives or anything added to it.

Make sure you have plenty of clean drinking water. You should also make it a point to store water well outside of the house. You never know when the pandemic will strike and people won’t be able to get clean water to drink. By being prepared, you’ll be much better off when the time comes.

Be careful of your hygiene. Cleanliness is very important. Don’t share personal care items with anyone. If you can afford it, wipe down all of your surfaces, especially those that deal with fluids. If you’re not able to do this, then try to use special hand sanitizers that are designed for the job.

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If you come down with the virus, make sure you wash your hands frequently and carefully. Wash your hands right after washing them. Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer if you can’t find one. Avoid using towels or touching areas where the virus may have touched you.

Watch your diet. Drink plenty of water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. This will help flush out the toxins in your system so you’re less susceptible to sickness. If you’re suffering from some sort of nutrient deficiency, it’s going to be harder for you to fight off the flu.

If you stay on a healthy diet and keep up good hygiene, you’ll find it much easier to get through the worst of any pandemic. The hardest part will be the first week or two, when your body is trying to figure out how to resist the virus. You should always be prepared. That way, you’ll be ready to fight off any outbreaks that do occur. Staying sane in a pandemic isn’t hard to do if you practice good hygiene and cut down on your vitamin deficiencies.

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