The State of Decay series is one of the top selling computer games on the market. It’s very simple, yet offers many hours of fun. The object is to “survive” by finding food and water (or health and armor, in the case of the later edition), shelter and safety, and also finding the necessary weapons and items to fight off the hordes of zombies that appear throughout each scene. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it sort of is! But to excel at State of Decay, you need to know the proper way to play the game.

There are a number of State of Decay tips and tricks for beginners, but perhaps the most important tip is that you should not, under any circumstances, kill any zombies that come towards you. The game is designed so that there are certain paths where zombies cannot attack you. If you go down one of those paths without clearing it of zombies, you’ll just be shuffling along until eventually you run into more zombies. And when there are more of them, you will be unable to continue to survive.

Fortunately, you do have a few different paths to follow throughout the game. You can start off with the easiest first option, which involves simply walking up a trail of rocks and logs. When you are close to a group of zombies, they will come to attack you, but if you take a couple of steps back, you can have a nice quiet time. It’s best to keep moving forward after a short distance, because the further you get away from the zombies, the more likely they will come after you.

You should also look for food in the game. There are a lot of scavenger hunt type activities that require you to find certain items in order to complete them. Some are pretty obvious, like candies and cans of beans. Others are less obvious, like a box of rusty nails or old metal containers. Here are a couple of tips for finding and picking up food to carry with you.

In the beginning, you need to make sure you walk slowly, because zombies tend to become more alert as you approach. Walking slowly allows you to keep your eyes on the ground, so you don’t accidentally trip over any rocks that might have been on your path. You should also make sure to keep your walk forward to a longer distance than in the previous games.

As soon as you start encountering more zombies, make sure you put out some noise. Banging your head on the ground is a good way to attract attention to yourself. It’s better if you can find an object nearby to use as a makeshift barricade. You can also try to trip zombies by walking directly in front of them and attempting to swing at them. This tactic tends to work better if you can get at least one of the zombies to walk into your path.

Once you find some way to draw the attention of the zombies, make sure you stay alert. Infected zombies can be extremely dangerous, especially if they get close to your current location. You should try to find a safe spot to hide until the game’s objective is complete. If the zombies get too close, you may want to look for a place to get to a rooftop. If you’re looking for a fast way to finish the game, finding a hidden area will provide you with ample time to run to a higher area and get a better vantage point.

State of Decay 2 is a fun zombie game with a lot of replay value. By following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you will have no problem surviving the game. If you need a little extra help learning how to survive in this game, you should look for zombie survival guides online. These guides can teach you about the layout of the game, which areas are the safest, and how to survive in-game.

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