State of Decay 2 is a real-time, ‘survival’ based, first-person video game. You will have to fight for your life against a variety of creatures as well as viruses and other parasites that will slowly take over the world and eat everything within reach. The player must learn to use a variety of tools and weapons to help them in their mission to rid the world of the infected. The game can be played in single player or multiplayer versions. Here are some of the Survival Tips for State of Decay 2, that you might find helpful:

Cleaning up: Most people tend to forget that the world is full of danger and it is easy to get killed from time to time. So do your best to avoid areas that might be dangerous and clean up any remains immediately after a fight. The combat can be brutal at times especially if you’re not well equipped. Try to find out more about the environment as well as the type of creatures you will be up against. This will help you plan your strategy as well as think of ways how you can outsmart your opponents.

Building shelter: You need to have shelter in this game as well and that’s why you need to create stockpiles of food and water. Always keep an eye on your neighbors and set up a fence around your property. Don’t just let them through, as there could be snakes or other hazards in the way. Also watch for any animals, as they can pose a threat as well. Get your guns ready too as you don’t want to have to fight too hard for them.

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Growing crops: You’ll have to keep an eye on what’s going on with the crops as they will be essential for survival. Do a quick check every now and then to see if anything needs to be added or harvested. You might want to plant some trees or flowers as these can attract wildlife to help in your fight. The most important rule of thumb is to plant before you start collecting water. If you don’t then you won’t have enough to survive.

Clean up: It’s also important to do a quick cleaning of the area around you as the zombies can get really carried away killing anyone who wanders nearby. If you are not close to a group of zombies, then try to eliminate one at a time so you won’t have to deal with swarms of them. Always check the weather, as this can affect you as well. Make sure to hydrate yourself with water as often as possible as this keeps you healthy and alert. Be careful too when getting close to other players as they might attack you first especially if you are new to the game.

Set up a defense: You will need to find a safe spot to defend yourself from the hordes of zombies that will begin to arrive at any time. One good idea is to hang a shed near your house so you can construct a wooden box around it. Once the zombies start pouring in, you can set up traps and alarms to kill them over time. The State of Decay 2 guide below shows you how.

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Beware of zombies: The scariest part of the game is dealing with the hordes of zombies. They can cause you to lose control of your movements as you might accidentally fall prey to their sharp teeth or even be hacked to pieces. Avoid the danger by staying as far as possible from them.

Find a shelter: When night falls, seek shelter in the nearest building or even a trash bin. This will give you protection from the zombies as well as others that might come across your location. The State of Decay 2 guide says that you should stay alert at all times so always stay aware of your surroundings. Once you take down one enemy, try to corner another group of zombies and kill them.

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