When I left Jesus and became a heretic, it was not a spiritual survival. It was more like a physical survival, but now I am living in the spirit world, so to speak. The survival part is more for myself. So here are some of my spiritual survival tips that will help guide me through what could be a very trying time.

First, let’s talk about health. Most people have been too focused on the physical because the spiritual world is too little focus on the body. But in God’s timing, we are going to need the body more than ever and also we are going to have to treat our bodies with respect. This means that we can’t take a vitamin that is meant for someone else and put it in our mouth. We have to know when we’re hurting and get help. If we ignore it, then the result is sickness.

Second, spiritual survival skills mean that we keep our mouths open. When I found out that I was stepping away from Jesus, I had trouble opening my mouth and talking because I wasn’t quite used to not talking to many people. But after a month I started talking to the phone and even opened up the Bible to find passages that God might want me to read. It is so rewarding when you can talk to God in His time of need.

Next is to forgive those who have hurt us. Not just in words, but as a deed. If someone has taken out on us in anger or treated us with disrespect, we have to forgive them. There is no sense in using up resources to fight back against someone who is against everything we stand for. There is only so much we can do to help someone who is being mean.

We have to keep our faith strong, even when it is only in our dreams. I dream about leaving the system and going back to college to study. I dream about having my own business. I dreamed about finding my true love. These are all part of the spiritual survival skills that I learned.

Lastly, we have to keep our faith filled with courage. This means that we don’t take our life for granted. I have lived with depression most of my life. But after I woke up from my depression, I realized that I could have lived a fuller life if I just would have given myself to the Lord.

If you want to be successful in life, you have to have the courage to face obstacles and difficulties. If you don’t have the courage, your spiritual survival skills will be useless. You could get through anything if you just remember to give yourself to the Lord and get past all of your problems. The Lord could use you for anything that he deems fit.

Today, you have all that you need. You know how to get past all of your problems. Now, it is time for you to use what you have learned. You can either make it work for you or get lost trying. Make sure you are ready for your spiritual survival skills.

The world has been trying to poison us for centuries. Even during the Bible times, people were miserable, living out of hope, and afraid to let God know they needed his help. But God didn’t give us any special survival tools. We only have God’s power to get us through, but we can also find the strength within ourselves to do the same thing. The best survival tools are those we can use to strengthen our will.

People have always told you that you need to have confidence. It is true. When you don’t have any self-confidence, you become very closed minded, which can hinder your growth. But when you are strong, you will have the courage to look at new opportunities that come your way, and you will have the strength to act on them.

Have you started making a difference in your life? Are you working on developing your will, your faith, and your courage? These are all areas where many have gone wrong, and many would benefit from some spiritual survival training. But I don’t think you need any special spiritual survival skills. These are things that can be developed on a daily basis.

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