As one of the leading businesses within the manufacturing industry in the UK, I am often asked about Six Tips to Help UK SMEs Whether our Uncertain Times. The truth is that every business needs to be prepared for any eventuality. However, an unfortunate side effect of this is that many UK companies either neglect this aspect altogether or fail to implement any contingency planning whatsoever. Neither scenario is desirable and will not help you weather the storm of uncertainty that is sure to be affecting the marketplace. In this article I will outline some of the key areas that should form part of your strategy and how they will impact your business now and moving forward.

Establish a Solid Network – One of the primary goals of any company is to have an established customer base. The best way to do this is by being seen as the leader in the market. By ensuring that your brand is well known and can be found on devices that are used by consumers (such as smart phones) you can leverage this brand equity to drive sales and increase profits. Establishing strong relationships with the supply chain and network providers is one of the best ways to secure long term customer value and extend your revenue.

Wireline or Digital – This will determine the success of your network. Both can deliver different results depending on the type of customer that you aim to attract. A good example of this is with regards to using cell phones. In certain locations where there may be a trend for using digital devices over a land line (for instance a landline linked to a wireless hot spot) then it would be better to focus your marketing efforts on this sector.

Consider Ranging Your Devices – Wireline devices will have a bigger edge in the UK mobile market than elsewhere in the world. The problem is that while wireless technology has improved significantly over the last few years, there is still a limit to how far your signal can spread. For instance, a smartphone in one location (albeit a major urban area) can only transmit so many data transfers. Likewise if you are located in a rural location, then a mobile phone may be more trouble than it’s worth. It is usually better to try and spread your signal out.

Exclusivity – In terms of network exclusivity, this is a feature that all smartphones have in common. However, this is often one of the most lucrative areas for marketing. This basically means that only one person can use a particular phone. It is usually a very good idea to restrict usage of a particular device to a chosen group of friends.

Manage Leasing – As mentioned earlier, this is one of the main benefits of leasing mobiles. Typically, the monthly charges will be lower, in line with the borrowing and will also include a free insurance policy. The device will stay in the warehouse (where it belongs) and then it will be returned once the contract expires. It is important to read all the terms and conditions of the lease contract in detail before agreeing to buy a device.

Data Transfer – This point deals with the actual amount that is being charged. Some companies will charge per megabyte, while others will be slightly higher. Be sure to understand clearly how much data you will be paying for before agreeing to any plan.

SIM Free Pay As You Go – SIM Only plans are becoming increasingly popular. They allow a customer the freedom to choose their own providers. They also allow a greater degree of choice for customers, although the best offers will always be available to those who take the time to shop around. If you have considered this option, then this article should prove informative to you.

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