It’s not always easy being prepared for a disaster or preparing for unforeseen events, but a good number of people find themselves with an empty pantry or shelf in their garage when the disaster strikes. The most important rule for survival is getting organized. This can be a challenge to those who live in smaller spaces. The best way to organize a household without throwing stuff over the head or haphazardly picking up stuff that looks like it should go in the cabinet is to use some basic storage tools and stock containers.

There are many useful items on the market that make organizing a household a snap. A good set of wire or plastic drawers, buckets with lids, and small storage shelves are all things that can be used to create more space in any room. If there is not much extra space available in the room, items should be placed so they are easily accessible. Clutter will only make a room look smaller.

A great thing to do is to create a food storage chart. This could be used to label containers and set off the items that are for immediate use. Many families have food storage kits that include canned goods and other items that are easy to use and can be stored. A lot of families have a variety of these kinds of kits available. It’s a good idea to have a few of each so that there is a variety on hand. Here are some 16 food storage tips for the space challenged prepper to follow:

Always put food items into a separate container than the ones that are already storing in your garage. When food items are stored in ajar together, it creates a moist environment where germs can grow. This environment can also be bad for people who have allergies and can cause an unpleasant reaction.

If your cabinets have drop down shelves or are not being used, then you should remove the shelving and cabinets. This is especially true for the smallest areas. Do not use hanging cabinets with doors as there will be no way to access the contents. It is best to just remove them and then replace them with cabinets that do have doors. Also, never use empty spice or sauce bottles as this will add up to your storage space.

One of the most important food storage tips is to know what is in the can. Some spices or sauce bottles could be expired or not been used in years. Also, be sure to never buy small canisters of bleach as they can get crushed while storing them. These are just a few little used canisters to use.

Another one of the great storage ideas for the space challenged prepper is to store foods in glass containers and keep them out of sight. If you use glass containers, place them on shelves or even on the counter for easy access. There is nothing worse than having your pantry items sitting out and nowhere to put them. It will also add to the clutter in your home as well. Keep emergency food storage in glass jars and make sure they are stored in a cool dark place out of the way.

Lastly, it is very important to purchase non-perishable items in airtight containers. You never know when you might need to prepare a meal at a moment’s notice. Although most people who use pantry cupboards will find it easier to stock their pantry with canned goods, it does not mean that you should store everything in a cabinet, unless it is on its own shelf.

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