If you are looking for simple survival tips for the Hong Kong sevens, then read this. The HSBC Hong Kong Sevens is arguably the most famous summer international tournament in the world. It attracts fans from all over the world as well as local enthusiasts who have been tuning up for the event for almost a decade. The tournament was also the first one to be held in the new Hong Kong stadium, which can understandably be a bit crowded. In order to keep the crowd entertained and interested though, I have put together some simple survival tips that I know work for us.

One of the best things that I did was to stay hydrated. When playing at the speed that you do at the Hong Kong Stadium, especially running, it can be hard to catch your breath. You will need to drink lots of water. Most people like to have two litres of water before playing, but obviously you will need more if you go for a longer run. Most hotels will provide a nice water service, but if you want to cut down on costs you can always drink bottled water instead.

After you have drunk plenty of water, you should stop drinking. This might sound obvious, but people often do this in the spur of the moment, when they are really thirsty. Another reason to not drink too much water is that you will probably end up feeling really dizzy. Not only will you not be able to play correctly, but you could be risking life and limb.

Try to stop warming up before playing the game. This means warming up before you play. I often do this by jogging a few blocks or even just walking up and down the street. By warming up you will be less likely to feel tired as you run around the track and build up your strength. You will definitely feel more alert and capable of handling the pace of the game when you have warmed up properly.

Try to avoid eating anything spicy or salty while you are in the stadium. These spices can actually cause an increase in the heart rate and blood pressure. This of course can lead to you feeling more dizzy during the game, so it is always better to leave them where they belong, in the kitchen.

The same goes for alcohol. I love a good cup of coffee in the morning, but I prefer to have something more mild to sit down and have a relaxing night’s sleep. I’m sure you don’t have any problems with this one. However, it can be difficult to play the game after having too much alcohol. You might find yourself becoming over-heated and collapsing onto the ground in the middle of the scrum.

Water is always essential. If you can’t afford to bring a bottle with you, then at least try to bring plenty of bottled water. If you play in a wetting area, it is advisable to bring a wetting agent with you. That way you won’t end up getting so dehydrated that you will be unable to continue playing the game. If the game is wet, it is even more important not to drink too much water.

Finally, these are just some simple tips that anyone can use during the game. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or an experienced player. As long as you are physically fit, you can play. Enjoy your stay in the city as well, because Hong Kong offers some wonderful sights. With a bit of luck, you’ll be spending less time watching the Rugby sevens than enjoying the games.

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