If your child is a morning owl, school morning survival tips for busy parents may be right up your alley. There is no reason to put your child through unnecessary stress when you can do something about it. Being a parent is never easy, but being a parent with children is even harder. Many families today have two working parents and two school-age children, so the daily grind takes a heavy toll on parents.

In fact, today’s parents are more stressed out than ever before. There are many reasons for this. Work demands, family life, and children at home all play a part in why parents are stressed out. However, one thing that parents should always remember is to stay calm, even when things get out of hand. Here are some school morning survival tips for parents that will help keep them in good mental health when they are faced with a difficult situation:

Remain Consistent: Kids don’t like changes. So if you decide to take a couple of days off of work or schedule extra hours with the children after work, make sure you stick to your guns. If you start showing signs of a change in your routine, you will probably end up getting into arguments or fighting with your spouse over things that shouldn’t have been a big deal. Children thrive on consistency.

Be Mindful: One of the things that most parents forget to do is keep their temper level in check. This goes back to keeping children in line. Remember that children tend to pick up on bad habits, so if you become argumentative or impatient, you will likely lose some of the respect from the children for acting that way. This also goes for parents, so if you let that happen, be ready to face the consequences!

Get Kids Ready: School morning survival tips tell you to prepare early, so get those kids into their beds and get them prepared. It’s very easy to put off eating a meal, so make sure you and the children have something to eat before class starts. Have the children help you pick up a snack or an apple. If there are younger children in the house, have them help pick out snacks for the entire family.

Get Your Gear Ready: School morning survival tips tell you to stay organized, so make sure you have everything you need in place before the day begins. Have you packed your water bottle? What about sunscreen? Do you need flashlights? Have you packed a backpack with enough room for all the supplies you’ll need to carry for the day?

Have You Packed School Backpacks: School morning survival tips also advise you to pack school backpacks because children are more prone to get hurt if they fall during the day. Make sure your backpack has a strap that goes over the shoulders, rather than your chest, to make it more stable. If you don’t have one, a thick sweater or coat will work to protect your children’s heads, shoulders, and legs. Don’t forget your cell phone! School kids are more likely to need cell phones than adults, so have one with you as well.

Teach Kids How to Light a Candle Using Water: When faced with a terrifying situation, a few well-placed words can often provide much comfort. Teach children how to light a candle using water from their water bottle or other container. Ask them to hold the flame to the tip of their finger. For safety reasons, never have children try to light a candle directly on their hands or faces.

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