Scary Halloween Pranks and Kids Activities

With Halloween just around the corner, these are some scary and fun tricks to try at home. Whether you’re looking for a last-minute family activity or something to keep your kids entertained during trick-or-treat time, these activities will definitely give them nightmares! but they might also keep them up all night long!.

Halloween is a time to celebrate the darkness of the night and all things spooky. Kids will be out trick-or-treating, so parents need to know what they’re up against. This article has some great tips for how to scare your kids without scaring them too much.

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Halloween is on Friday, and small goblins and ghouls will soon be roaming the streets, robbing your community of its sweets. Just because you’re too old to go door to door on Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time. While the season of treats has passed, the season of tricks has just just started. It’s a great feeling to scare the living daylights out of youngsters. While some guys go all out and turn their lawn into a cemetery and their house into a haunted house, you don’t need to invest that much money or effort to create some effective scares. You can get the kids leaping 10 feet in the air with only a few inexpensive props and a little ingenuity. This Halloween, here are 8 ways to scare the living daylights out of youngsters.


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This might be the simplest and most effective approach to frighten trick-or-treaters. Dress yourself in a terrifying outfit and sit as motionless as a statue on the porch. Place a dish of chocolates on your lap with a letter that says, “Sorry, we’re not home.” Please take one candy piece.” As children approach, they will be unsure if you are genuine or not. Spring to life as they grab for the goodies! “I warned you to just take one piece!” growl, cry, reach out for them, or shout. This is a particularly effective means of punishing snobby youngsters who grab large handfuls of sweets. Last Halloween, my in-laws did this prank with tremendous success, with one being a witch and the other a warlock.

“If Only I Could Eat Your Brain”

Halloween man dressed up scary scarecrow trick.

This is a somewhat different approach to the statue technique. Like still possible, you dress yourself as a scarecrow and sit slumped on a chair. The processes above are then repeated. For added impact, you might construct a scarecrow stand, but I suppose standing on it for lengthy periods of time would be pretty unpleasant. Place numerous totally fake scarecrows (simply buy some straw and fill your clothing) along the route to take the scarecrow prank to the next level. You’ll be someplace along the line. Jump out and frighten the bejesus out of the youngsters once they grab their candy from your accomplice and start walking away.

“Are you leaving so soon?”

Halloween pumpkin leaf bags.

Simple, cost-effective, and terrifying. It just doesn’t get much better. Get yourself a big orange pumpkin leaf bag, the type that people use to rake leaves (you can use a giant black garbage bag, but it will look a little more suspicious). Stuff the remainder of the bag with crumpled newspaper or packing paper and sit inside it (you can use actual leaves but you might end up sitting in there with some creepy crawlies for company). Then pack the remaining leaf bags. Place the leaf bags along the path or on your grass at random. Place yourself on the porch in a bag. The trick-or-treaters will walk right past the phony bags, and when they get close enough to you, you’ll appear and frighten them silly.


“Rest in Peace,” he said.


Halloween man coming out of coffin trick.

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Coffin phobia seems to be inherent in humans. As a result, they’re ideal for Halloween. While you may think that making a coffin would be costly and complicated, all you need is foam board, duct tape, and paint to make one. Place your coffin on a table or the ground of your porch after it’s finished. You may use a variety of scare tactics from here. You could just lay in the coffin with the lid on and spring out when the trick-or-treaters approach. Try sleeping in the casket with the lid raised up to add an added element of terror. Put a black sheet over your head. Then, using candy, cover the sheet. “Please take a piece of candy,” attach a letter on the lid. Sit up when the youngsters reach for the bounty.

“The Scary Stalker” is a scary story about a stalker.

Halloween man dressed as stalker.

Here’s another easy and efficient way to scare children. Dress up as the Grim Reaper and stand on the side of your porch like a statue. Simply start following the youngsters off the porch, trailing after them, reaching out for them, and groaning when they collect the candy from your accomplice inside. It’s rather scary.

“Let me lend you a helping hand”

Addams family thing hand in box halloween trick.

Do you recall “Thing” from the Addams family? This is where we want to be. Obtain a huge box, such as one that formerly housed a dishwasher. Cut the flaps off and flip it over so that it resembles a table. Remove the “table-top” and cut a hole in it. Cut a hole the same size as the table hole in a cloth and drape it over the box. Cut a hole in a large, fragile plastic bowl just big enough to accommodate your wrist and hand. Sit beneath the table and put your hand through all of the holes. Fill the bowl with enough candy to cover your hand, which is now poking up through the tabletop, and lay it over your hand. Push your hand up through the sweets as trick-or-treaters reach into the bowl!

AAAAAAAH!!!!! It’s a Raisin Box!!!!!


Halloween basket of raisins and chocolates.

Nothing scares a youngster more than reaching into a bowl in search of Snickers and pulling out a carton of raisins. Or those taffy sweets in black and orange. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Pumpkin, the Art of Manliness

Pumpkin carving art of manliness john Sullivan.

Do you have a problem with boisterous teenage young guys who aren’t old enough to be trick-or-treating? Place this pumpkin outdoors to frighten these lads into doing what they most fear: “Manning up!”

Here’s where you can get the free AoM pumpkin stencil.

Do you have any more ideas on how to terrify kids? Leave a comment in the space below.



The “traditional halloween pranks” is a list of scary Halloween activities for kids and adults. There are also some fun ideas for kids that parents can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What tricks can kids do for Halloween?

A: There are a wide variety of tricks that kids and young adults can do for Halloween. Some of these include playing pranks on friends and family, dressing up as your favorite character, or telling spooky stories around the campfire.

What is a good trick for Halloween?

A: One of the best ways to get people involved in playing is by handing out candy. You can also make a small scarecrow and put it somewhere for children to find and be scared of. If you want an adult-only Halloween, try dressing up as zombies or other creatures that
people fear like werewolves or vampires.

How do you scare someone at a Halloween party?

A: There is no easy answer to this question. But if you want a possible solution, there are many ways one could go about it. One way would be to put yourself in costume and scare people as they walk by you at the party. Another option is for someone with experience in makeup or costuming skills to create something that might frighten others

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