If you have kids, you need to teach them about safety tips for your kids: The sound of gunfire. This is something that many parents do not understand. We are taught to shoot the gun when our kids make a noise or say the word “fire.” But why? There are actually many reasons why the sound of a gun is a bad idea, one of them being that a bullet fired from a gun can travel very far.

First, you will want to explain to your child why you told him to get down or he would be hit. This is especially important because kids cannot reason in the same way adults do. When a gun makes a bang, it creates the loud sound of a discharge. A second later, the bang will be quiet and your kid will not hear it coming.

If your kid does hear the shot, this will set off alarms in his head. He may run away or play dead and it is up to you to save him. You will also need to let your kid know what to do if he hears the shot and sees people getting hurt or his Mom getting hurt. Try to take as much time away from the situation as possible and let him know that you are with him, and you are with him.

Second, try to calm your kid down by talking soothing words to him until he calms down. You do not have to tell him exactly what to do or to stay where he is. All you have to do is take some time away from the situation until your kid calms down. If you are in an alley, for example, talk to your kid sitting on the curb and tell him that everything is alright and that the police will be right back out there in a few minutes.

Third, if the kid is still in the building when the shooting starts, get out quickly. Do not try to fight the fire yourself. Get your kid out of the building and go with him to safety. You will probably have to go through the entire ordeal alone if you do not have a partner with you. There are more chances of your kid staying behind if he knows you are around.

Fourth, if your kid is with you, try to distract the shooter by talking to him in a calm manner. Make sure you are not injured or that you are not near the person who is shooting at you. Talk to your kid in whatever way you can and try to explain to him that you are not going to die today, but you will be alright if you just hang on until the police come.

Fifth, if the bullet accidentally hits you, do not panic. Get up and try to calm down. If you do not know how to do this, call the police or go outside to where the kid is. There are chances that the bullet did not hit you in a particular area but could hit someone nearby.

Sixth, if the kid runs away, do not follow him. Remember that the shooter had probably planned to attack your kid for a long time. He had probably been waiting outside until the moment of maximum chaos. Why chase after a kid who has already run away? Just stay around and protect your kids until the cops arrive or the fire brigade arrives.

Seventh, tell your kids to stay down until the police arrive. Explain to them that if they do not follow the orders of the cops, the bullet that hit you will kill them. Do not waste their lives. Do not shoot at the cop unless he tells you to do so. Let him take you then.

Finally, when the kids are safe, call your mom or your dad and let them know what happened. You do not have to elaborate about what happened as long as you say that there was a gunfight and that you were shot at. You might want to call the fire department now so that they can give your kids the all clear. Also let your kids know that you are okay and that you will be OK, no matter what. It is better to tell them this truth than to risk losing them during the search for the gun.

The most important safety tips for your kids: the sound of gunfire is very frightening. But you have to learn how to face the gun and shoot it as if the life of your children were on the line. Do not allow yourself to get shot. Do not wait for someone else to do it.

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