Are you searching for some Kitchen survival tips? If yes, read on. Our readers must have run into this problem at some point when preparing a meal for their loved ones. Here are some tips to avoid a disaster in your home.

First and foremost, turn off the stove. Wait for a few minutes before turning it back on. When you do that, check the circuit breaker. Have it checked by an authorized person too. In case there is a power leakage, which happens from time to time, shut it off immediately.

Second, remember that all emergencies are NOT FORCED. They are planned. Have a plan of action for every emergency. Plan where you will go and what you will do if there is an emergency. It will save your life.

Third, make a plan of action. What should you do in a fire? What medicines should you take? Where should you go for help? These are all important. So make a list and keep it ready.

Fourth, pack lightly. Don’t leave home without a couple of things. Don’t need them now but remember they will be handy if an emergency arises. Leave with enough cash for food, water and shelter.

Fifth, keep an eye on the weather. Rain is NOT A good thing. It makes everything dry and can be treacherous. Snow and ice? Again, don’t go out without it.

Sixth, use your common sense. If you see something that looks suspicious or feels wrong, don’t just trust what you are told. If you have a gut feeling, stay home. You should always be aware of what is happening around you.

In the event of an emergency, having a plan is the most important thing. In the event of a terrorist attack, do not panic and do not call off your family. Stay calm and order your concerns to someone that can provide you with the best information.

seventh, don’t wait for a problem to arise before you act. Waiting for something to happen is not a solution. As the bus driver in the school bus incident said, “If you wait till it’s too late you’re not going to get off.”

You are only one person. You can only take control of your situation so much. Do what you can now. You can escape and stay safe in a car. You can contact the police.

Eight, lock yourself in a bathroom, shower, room or basement. Leave no loose material that could be used as a weapon. If you have valuables, keep them with you. Keep all electronics out of sight and out of reach of children.

Nine, remove any valuables from the car. Have your wallet, purses and other valuable items in a secure location. Store them where you will have easy access to them. This location could be a garage or a safe place like your house.

Ten, don’t drink. Alcohol depletes your body and your brain. It also dehydrates you. When alcohol affects your body, you become confused and hyper. You may be unable to concentrate.

Eleven, stay away from any teenagers. Their ego will get in the way of their safety. They can also be the cause of an accident. Make sure they know not to go anywhere alone.

Twelve, keep your tires rotated. If your tires are not properly inflated, they will tire easily. Tires that are not rotated have a tendency to run down quicker.

Thirteen, don’t let your teenager drive alone. It is important for your security. You should let your teenager know not to go alone. Let them know where you will be, when you will be home and who is watching them.

14, take your teenager to the store to shop for clothes. They need to dress well. A dressy outfit will attract attention. Your teenager needs to look nice. If they show off their best outfit, it will be difficult for you to notice if they are trying to get out of being seen.

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