Rosemary Ferguson’s Tips on Surviving Fashion Week are sure to help you make the most of this upcoming summer season. This author, fashion analyst and television personality gives a wealth of great fashion tips that can prove beneficial to anyone attending any event. She also shares her own experiences with fashion, which gives readers an inside look at what to wear and why. The practical nature of her writing makes it easy to understand and enjoyable to read. It’s no surprise that Rosemary has been named author of the best-selling book: Fashionistas: Creating the Look.

One of the most helpful tips for the new fashion week wardrobe is the integration of complimentary colors and textures. It may be difficult to achieve this color coordination depending on the hair color you have but keep in mind that the goal is to create a look that is complimentary to one another. When picking out your makeup, make sure to choose products that match your skin tone and the shade of your hair. Rosemary also encourages the use of highlights and the implementation of highlighting pens, which can make your makeup look really sharp.

Another of the practical hair care tips for the fashion conscious woman is to use conditioner. She offers suggestions on how to use conditioner without putting too much, as some conditioners tend to dry out the hair. She also emphasizes the importance of using products that contain antioxidants such as vitamin E. Using a wide tooth comb and combing gently can remove tangles from the hair and give you a smoother appearance. For those with greasy hair, Rosemary recommends oil-free shampoo and conditioner to help keep your curls looking soft and shiny. Finally, it is important to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove excess conditioner.

In terms of shoes, Rosemary recommends flat-heeled boots or flip flops. She also recommends avoiding tight shoes that will cause breakage due to the pressure on your joints. Additionally, it is important to choose shoes with heels that are a half inch or less in order to avoid injuring your feet. These tips are particularly helpful during the hot summer months, when your legs will be sweating a lot.

As it is very hot during the summer, Rosemary encourages the use of a hair dryer to create body in your curls. This will also help eliminate frizziness that may occur during the hot summer months. Another suggestion that may come in handy is the use of a curling iron. Using a curling iron that has been colored to match the color of your hair, will produce a more natural look. If you have naturally curly hair, it may take a bit more time to achieve the desired look with the curling iron, but it is well worth the extra time.

Rosemary’s hair care tips for healthy hair include washing with apple cider vinegar (ACV). This will remove dirt and oil from the hair and scalp. Rosemary also recommends the use of a mild hair cleanser, which will help keep your hair free of dandruff and other scalp issues. The use of herbal shampoo, tea tree oil and sage tea are also suggested.

By taking the time to apply the herbs in her hair care recipe on a regular basis, you will notice more vibrant looking hair in a few weeks. Rosemary leaves can also be dried and placed in a glass of water for a full night of rest. This will refresh and revitalize your hair. To make the most of this revitalization, soak the leaves in the water throughout the night. This will allow the herb to penetrate the follicles of your hair.

Rosemary’s hair care tips for healthy hair are very easy to follow. Herbs can be massaged into your scalp twice a week to obtain maximum results. Rosemary also emphasizes the importance of using products that contain vitamins A, B, C and E as these ingredients will also help to maintain healthy hair during the summer months.

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