“The Hay Fever Doctor” by Dr. Michael J. Schloss, R.Ac. (Cholesterol and Weight Management, forthcoming) is the ultimate Hay Fever sufferer’s guide to a healthy lifestyle. In simple terms, the book describes what causes Hay Fever and how it can be controlled. At the same time, it offers valuable tips on managing stress, fatigue, exercise and diet.

Hayfever is caused by allergic reactions to pollen. The allergic reaction triggers swelling of the nose and eyes, congestion, wheezing, nasal discharge and other symptoms. The name of the allergens may vary, but they all cause an allergic response. For example, animal dander, mold spores, dust, mold spores, and grass are among the usual suspects. The usual course of action for treating allergies is to seek the advice of the doctor who might prescribe antihistamines or steroid tablets.

Unfortunately these medications are only effective for a short time. The reaction often recurs. So the cycle begins again. The Hay Fever Doctor provides alternative, more natural, treatments for allergies. It is hoped that this book will encourage sufferers to take control of their condition once and for all, thereby enabling them to live a better life free from allergies.

What the Hay Fever Doctor suggests is that sufferers should first try and identify the allergens causing the allergies. Then they should cut down on or avoid all possible sources of exposure. For example, the use of air-conditioners should be minimized. Vacuums with HEPA filters should also be used. Special diets should be devised to reduce exposure to various substances that cause allergies like pollen.

In addition to cutting down on possible allergens, a special allergy medicine called Allergy Season has been developed by a renowned medical doctor. Allergy Season uses herbs that are known to reduce or stop allergic reactions. As well as reducing exposure to dust, pollens and other allergens, allergy season also combats seasonal hay fever symptoms.

Allergy Season contains powerful immunoglobulin compounds that work like antibodies. They attach themselves to pollen particles and destroy them. When there are no longer any visible particles, this means that the person is allergy free. Since the compound is not processed by the body, there are no side effects – it is purely natural.

The Allergen Locator can be used in conjunction with Allergy Season. If you live in a heavily polluted area then you might have difficulty avoiding all pollen. Even if you are able to avoid some kinds of pollen, you will find yourself exposed to others like the types that cause sneezing and watery eyes. Allergen locators are useful for people who want to stay pollen free.

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This book contains three sections. The first section gives the history of pollen and how it causes allergies. The second section gives information on how to stay pollen free. Finally there is a brief section that gives recommendations for overcoming your pollen allergy. It may be difficult to overcome, but the information is available.

The cover of Hay Fever Ultimate Survival Guide -The Secrets Behind Keeping Your Senses Ready For Action! has a picture of a bee with pollen stings. This may be a little disturbing. However, bees do not sting because they are attacking you. In fact, when a bee is stung it may release a pheromone that attracts others of its kind.

I’m not sure about the pheromones, but it could be like human body odors. Bees may release pheromones when they are about to attack. This may be why bees are rarely seen at places like beauty salons or restaurants. It could also explain why you cannot always tell if other people are allergic to you.

The short summary of the third chapter is, “Staying healthy is as important as avoiding illness in general.” I found this to be an effective lesson. If I don’t take good care of myself I may never achieve my goals. My hope is to live as healthy as possible so that I may accomplish my dreams. I like the saying, “If you want something in life that will not give you anything, then start with yourself.” I hope that The Hay Fever Sufferer’s Ultimate Survival Guide -The Secrets Behind Keeping Your Senses Ready for Action!

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