Urgent From PETA: Hot-Weather Survival Tips for Animals in Arizona is a book on a do-it-yourself guide to prepare you and your family for the future. I got to read it just a few days ago, and so far, it’s been excellent. The chapters are easy to read and don’t leave you too tired. The book contains ideas on how to avoid the animals that are in hot weather or that have been affected by disasters such as tornadoes or floods. It also includes water purification tips. The animal chapters also give advice on keeping your animals safe indoors, and what to do if they become lost.

Although you’re probably not going to find any survival tips for animals in Arizona, you might be able to get some ideas from this book. It’s about two hundred pages long and is easy to read. I especially enjoyed the tips on dealing with snakes and scorpions. For sure I will keep these in my head!

The one complaint I have about this book is that it is a little bit too simplistic. I think that’s an oversight on the part of the author. In a lot of ways, this book could have been condensed a bit. Still though, it was a great read and a quick read. If you’re looking for an easy to read guide on how to survive in the Arizona desert, this is definitely a good place to start.

This book has a preface by David Schauwell who is a wildlife veterinarian based in AZ. He is also the Curator of the Amphibolomogy of George Taylor. I also enjoyed the many case studies that are discussed in the book. In particular, one case study discussed how his team came up with the name Peta, after a Phoenix shelled out its shell. It’s a great little story and something that really caught my attention.

As for the information presented in the book, there were a few tidbits that are interesting and will make any animal lover more interested in surviving in Arizona. One such tidbit involves knowing what to eat to keep your pet safe in the heat. It’s interesting that the book talks about canned food in general but talks about how he recommends eating raw uncooked meat and using bones to pierce the bones.

Of course, this book doesn’t cover how to deal with any snakes or scorpions but it does give some general information on what to do if you come across them. I also liked the case study on the desert rattlesnakes. The book provides details about how they can be successfully raised and sold as pets and also gives details on how to handle them properly when you’re out in the wild.

Overall, Urgent From Phoenix: Hot-Weather Survival Tips For Animals is an excellent little book that covers many aspects of the world of big game and nature. It’s written by an experienced game hunter and wildlife photographer and he puts out good information. There are charts that can help you plot out a food chain and other information that may prove useful. It also includes some case studies and field trips information.

Overall, this is a fun little book that gives some practical information about what you can do to survive in the Phoenix area in the heat. I like that Urgent From Phoenix: Hot-Weather Survival Tips for Animals includes a field guide and checklist to help you plan your hunt as well. The information is geared towards general survival tips rather than specific animals but I think that if someone is looking for specific information on the species they’re going to want to purchase this book. The information is detailed enough to get you by while you’re on a hunt, but it also includes details on how to best outfit yourself and what to carry with you in case you come across animals you aren’t familiar with.

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