“Black at Sundance: 9 Survival Tips for First-Timers” by Sandy Barbour is a very handy and interesting book with some good survival information. It’s a little slow going, but there is enough good information in this one to make anyone not hesitating to put it on their bookshelf. I’m a big horror fan, so I might be a bit biased, but I think that the slow pace of this book is kind of a good thing. The slow and steady build up is what really grabs me at first and kind of makes me excited by the end.

The slow introduction into survival basics is a little slow for me. I found myself wanting to skip ahead to the more detailed chapters, but they were only a few pages long. I think that if you’ve never done much survival before, this book will get you through the most basic survival tips. I’m sure that others who have done a lot of reading on the subject would find the information provided useful. If not, then you just might find this book boring.

Even though I think the slow start was a good thing, I did find the advice on how to prepare for disaster and emergency survival tips interesting. Although I was a little bored by some of the first survival tips, I liked the way the author described the things he was teaching and showing. Some of the examples he uses are well-known, common household items that everyone uses, but he does show how they would fare in an emergency situation.

The author does include a few recipes in this book, but they are quite minimal. Most of these recipes are designed to last two people for a couple weeks. This isn’t a survival book, but it does provide some food ideas that can be incorporated into your normal meals. There is also a section on what to do in case of natural disasters and Black At Sundance: 9 Survival Tips From the author and publisher, is well-organized. I liked the layout of the book and the way the chapters were connected. They flow from one chapter to the next without you having to wait too long to get the information.

Despite the bare bones survival information presented, I did find several gems that will help first-timers to survive. For example, there is a chapter on how to create a basic shelter. Without a question, if you are going to survive in the wilderness, you will need shelter to stay warm and dry. This book provides many recipes to make your own.

Also, there is a very helpful survival checklist included in this book. Although it doesn’t contain as many tips as I wanted, it does provide information that will help first-timers. I especially appreciated the safety precautions that are discussed.

Overall, Black At Sundance: 9 Survival Tips From the author and publisher, is a very useful book for anyone who has a desire to survive outdoors. It is not a survival guide in the traditional sense, but more of a generic guide that teaches you about basic survival. However, once you read this book, it gives you some serious survival tips. It’s interesting and easy to read. This is a book I would recommend to anyone, regardless of their experience level.

In conclusion, this is only the second book of its kind (the first is the first of the Underwater World series by Colin Cameo). However, I enjoyed this book and the many survival tips it provides. It is very short and a great addition to any survival books library. The cover is good too.

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