“Recommending reading: Planning paradoxes and recession survival tips.” By Mark Weinberg. Oxford University Press. 469 pp. Perhaps if you read this book, you will find a few insights that you hadn’t thought of before. You will also learn some things you didn’t know before about planning your budget, and how to live within it.

Weinberg does an excellent job of presenting the issues in a clear and easy to read manner. Many of the books I have read are very dense with information and dense with wordiness. But not here. This is a light readable book. I enjoyed it because it was easy and did not make me feel like I was being spoon fed. It is interesting examples and gives good practical survival tips.

There are many books about planning and there are many different types of survival strategies. You can read books on how to make a will, about emergency preparedness, and various other survival topics. But I think this book takes things a step further because it looks at planning and making long-term survival plans in the twenty-first century. It is interesting to read about how many different types of plans people have in this day and age. And that many of those plans are being ignored or not followed.

I think one of the most important things in any type of book is to read it from start to finish. I found that this was a very easy read with many examples and illustrations throughout. I especially liked the section where he talks about planning for the future. It is a very practical approach and it will help you become a more prepared individual. If you are planning to read any of the other books by Mark Weinberg, I would recommend that you do so. tips | survival | read | many | book | looking} Another thing I really enjoyed was the way he explained about why certain survival needs might change over time. In many of our modern societies we face a lot of changes in the economy and in how we meet the needs of our families. Our needs might go up but there will also be some changes in the availability of basic necessities. This book explains why this could affect our survival.

The three volumes included in this book are: Survival Phrases in the Twenty First Century, Getting Through a Recession, and How to Get Through it With Luck. In chapter one, Mark Weinberg addresses what he terms “the planning paradox.” In looking at why some people seem to have more wealth than others, he takes an honest look at who we are as a population and where our strengths and weaknesses lie. By looking at the relationship between your skills and your income, you can understand why you might be better off doing something different than someone else. Mark Weinberg makes a strong case for using both your intelligence and your talent and your instincts to lead a richer, more satisfying life.

The second thing I enjoyed was his discussion of what you should do if you’re looking for some long term survival tips. Weinberg starts out with a brief history of the book and then examines how much of our economic problems today can be traced back to the fact that we haven’t been paying attention to our preparation for the future. We’ve all been focusing on building our financial security for the future and not focusing on what we need now. Weinberg points out that in many cases we’ve actually been short changing ourselves. If we’re going to survive the challenges of the future we need to focus on what we’ve got today and build on that.

The third thing I liked in this book was that after talking about planning you’re also given a short book tour of some excellent books that cover similar topics. I personally like reading books about survival tips and being prepared. I can identify with some of the frustration that people who are “stuck” in situations seem to face. Reading books on the topic is a great way to help alleviate some of that frustration. You get some practical ideas to work with.

The final bit of advice that comes at the end of the book is the most relevant. That is to take the information you are learning and apply it to your own life. If something is working well for someone else, you can likely make use of it or modify it to fit your situation. This book provides a very helpful “get-rich-quick” type of advice.

However, if you are thinking of applying this information to your own situation, I’d suggest that you don’t read this book until you have achieved your goal. The book makes lots of good points and offers a lot of practical advice. But, if you are serious about surviving the coming recession and economic uncertainty, then you need a book that provides real, practical steps to achieving those goals. You should be able to put this advice into practice as soon as you’ve finished reading this book. With enough effort, you’ll achieve things you never thought were possible.

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