Urgent From PETA is a website run by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This organization campaigns against the use of various animal-derived ingredients in cosmetics and other personal care products. Their most recent release, “Urgent From PETA: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals in Fresno,” details some of the dangerous situations faced by wild animals when they are improperly handled. The website describes the dangers of handling pet wildlife and shares some simple wildfire survival tips for animals in your area. The goal of this site is to educate people about the responsibility associated with owning wild animals and to draw individuals into caring for them in their homes.

Most of the content on the Urgent From PETA website is about wild animals. For example, one article describes the need to keep pet animals away from corn and wheat fields to prevent them from becoming contaminated with toxic chemicals used to grow those crops. Another advises readers to keep their pet rabbits and guinea pigs away from fertilizer piles as the manure from such sources can eventually feed wild animals and cause their death or illness. In addition, the website has articles on the dangers of improper handling of reptiles and amphibians, including the danger of handling dead snakes without properly sterilizing the hands. Pet owners should be aware that they can contact PETA if they become sick or injured with an exotic animal.

Pets at risk of being exposed to pesticides or other chemicals commonly used in agriculture are highlighted in an article on the dangers of agricultural chemicals. When reading this article, if you feel that any animals may have been exposed to any pesticides or other chemical compounds mentioned in the article, contact information is provided for those resources from the PETA website. Other articles describe risks associated with improper handling of exotic animals and the dangers of improperly sterilizing reptiles and amphibians. The bottom line is that pets at risk of being exposed to poisons or toxins should be removed from harm’s way and contacted immediately by a veterinarian.

Animals raised for entertainment are also called “walk-ins” by some animal enthusiasts. While this may be true, these creatures are not considered wild pets under the law because they are brought into a facility rather than being born in the wild. Still, the animal should receive all the same wildfire survival tips for pets as wild animals that live in the wild. Such animals should be kept away from places where they can come in contact with poisons, pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

One wildfire survival tips for animals that you would not want to miss is that of never taking food directly from the birds or animals. This food may be contaminated with rodents or insects. Plus, the container is likely full of human feces. For this reason, birds and animals should be fed with treats purchased from your local pet store. These treats can be combined with fresh fruits and vegetables that you would buy at the supermarket.

If you have any animals living inside of the house (including birds, lizards and even cats), they need a very sanitary environment. You should have a trash receptacle on each floor and then use the cage traps to catch any rodent or insect that enters the cage. Be sure to clean the trap after each catch so that the rodents do not return. For the same reason, you should never feed your pet squirrels, hamsters or guinea pigs live food. Instead, have them eat mice or fruit to supplement their diets.

Finally, you should remove any trash and other domestic waste from the wildflowers bed. As much as possible, you should keep the pile as high as possible so that animals cannot jump on the pile to the top. This way, the piles of waste will serve as an easy surface for them to climb on and eat from. You can add fertilizer several times a year to make the beds of wildflowers rich.

By following these Urantia: Wildfire survival tips for animals, you will have a very healthy and happy pet, along with the family. Always remember that you are the animal’s true parent, so do everything in your power to take care of it properly. Proper care is essential for the animal’s well-being. Do not neglect an injured animal and be sure to call you vet when needed. Animals, even ones that are native to your area, can get sick, and you want to be prepared for just that. You can find valuable information on raising wildflowers at Urantia: Wildfire Survival Tips for Animals on the Internet.

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