Preparing for Armed Protests in Your City

Following last week’s news that the FBI warned of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals, demonstrations in the nation’s capital are following suit. Many of us live in the capital, and if you fear being affected by potentially armed demonstrations, you need to make certain decisions quickly.

I participated in a r/preppers discussion on this topic on Reddit a few days ago and thought it was worth doing some more research for the Prepper Journal audience. Time is running out to prepare for possible violence, but there is still plenty of time if you take action now.

The real events may not have happened, and hopefully the warnings are false. I want this inauguration to go smoothly, otherwise my country will continue to deteriorate. Don’t interpret my political beliefs with this statement, but I think there are other battles to be fought.

I also fear that this time any further armed protests will be met with counter-demonstrators like Antifa and BLM, who may want to stir things up. And with 15,000 National Guard troops guarding our capital, it’s a recipe for disaster. Throw both sides together in a fierce war and give ammunition to National Guard troops and things can get ugly.

Deciding to stay or leave

As I said in my Reddit comment, you have to look at your own situation with that potential. Assuming you don’t want to get involved in armed demonstrations when they do happen, you have two choices. You can plan how to hunt and take cover on the spot if something happens (maybe even necessarily), or you can take cover before problems arise.

For each person, this decision essentially depends on where you live. Many of us can observe the downtown fire from a safe distance and are not directly affected by the armed protests. What is a safe distance? It depends on the city and, to some extent, the population. For a place like DC, I wouldn’t want to be within 15 miles this week. In another city where a tenth of the population lives, the safety zone radius may be closer to 1 or 2 miles.

My town has less than 300,000 residents and when the BLM protests broke out this summer, they could have easily been avoided by staying away from certain neighborhoods, sometimes just certain streets. They moved to the mall and elsewhere, but there was no real critical mass that couldn’t be avoided unless you count the time they blocked the highway. In a place like Washington D.C., mobs can easily take over parts of the city, and many people live near monuments and government buildings.

If you decide to go on Bug after the problems have started, you expose yourself to an even greater risk. Sometimes you can’t avoid it. When chaos comes your way, my recommendation and plan for my family is not to put myself in my place and fight hundreds of rioters, but to leave. Put your travel bags and pets in your trusty tour vehicle and escape.

If you find yourself in this situation, always step back from the chaos. Knowing the alternative routes in your neighborhood and city can be crucial to avoiding getting stuck. I will report on the hearing in a moment. But first, if you’re staying here because of armed protests….

Hunter descent requires different planning and you have a certain amount of time.

The decision to stay or be caught in an armed protest zone can be both interesting and deadly. I have a pessimistic view of human nature, so I always tend to think that something could go wrong, and I want to take action to protect my family. This list is just a sample of the main points I would think about if I were to go to an area where violent demonstrations could be observed.

Suppose your city could become isolated in the event of violent demonstrations and chaos. Also, when something incredibly tragic happens, like. B. a bomb or other terrorist attack. Cities may be cordoned off to investigate the crime or catch the perpetrators. Remember Boston, when the bombers and authorities locked down the city and went door to door. Innocent people broke in at gunpoint. Guns were pointed at some people just for looking through their windows.

That was over seven years ago. If something more violent were to happen now, I can well imagine that the reaction would be much more violent. On the other hand, I imagine a lot of things.

The good news is that preparations for an attack on armed demonstrations in the city are similar to those for many other emergencies. Almost all of these pre-deliverables should be available now. If you’re in a hurry, Amazon will send you one of the items below within two days if you’re a Prime member.

Water supply and sewerage

They should already have food and water for 2 weeks, ideally 30 days. If the city is closed for two weeks and no one is allowed to shop, you probably have a bigger problem.

Make sure you also have a way to heat your food. I recommend a good two-burner stove at the campsite, or if you’re just heating dehydrated food with water, a smaller stove will work just as well, so you’ll have enough fuel for both.

Pay now

Get cash now – a few hundred dollars if you can, in small denominations. Electricity or the internet can be destroyed by bombs or a government decision. Without electricity or internet the ATM is closed.

Gas filling

If you have a vehicle, fill both vehicles. Also, I would store the extra 5 gallons of fuel outside your home. If you have a generator, do it to fuel the generator as well.

Make sure you can see in the dark.

Get LED headlights and extra batteries so you can see what you’re doing in the dark. Headlights are relatively inexpensive, and they are much easier to use than any other method. LED lights are a great option for lighting a room, but you don’t want to bring them into the room if you can avoid it.

I personally have boxes of small candles, but they are my emergency backup, not my first choice. I think the candles are a waste of money. They don’t give off much light unless you have a ridiculous amount, and they are a real fire hazard, IMO.

First aid

Buy a decent first aid kit that isn’t just a set of bandages. There are good medical kit options that you can buy pre-assembled, but I haven’t found one yet that is worth the price. I’ve always had some sort of wilderness first aid kit, and I’ve expanded my options with additional items.

I always like the extra bandages for the blood test. The gearbox wiring harness should not be damaged either. Celox or rapid clotting stops heavy bleeding and can save your life in case of serious injury. Over-the-counter painkillers and antibacterials. Amazon will ship by the 20th if you order today.


If there are armed demonstrations in your city, you need to decide now whether to leave.

Washington DC and a few other cities with restrictive gun policies are different from most of the United States, although I know we have many readers who live in those cities. For those who can’t: Bear spray, baseball bat, knife?

If you have at least one good firearm, make sure it is clean, loaded, securely stored and easily retrievable by you or another responsible adult. I can’t imagine the violence of these scenarios creeping in unannounced, but you never know.

Gas mask

A gas mask can be a good idea in a variety of circumstances. Assuming there is no nuclear, biological or chemical threat, a simple respirator may be sufficient. You can choose a full gas mask that provides full face protection, or something lighter that, when worn with goggles, acts as a half mask. They can be useful if you live in an area where there is a lot of tear gas.

Large rolls of plastic film and tape can also be a good buy in this case to seal windows, doors and air ducts.

Emergency power supply

Power outages can be a factor if something terrible happens, so make sure you have warm blankets, sleeping bags, lots of diapers, etc. if it’s winter. Make sure electrical appliances are charged

Some also have access to their community buildings/areas, possibly a keychain garage. Make sure you have a copy of the key in case of a power outage.

Communication plan

Have a plan to let your acquaintances outside the region know that you agree if the communication doesn’t work. In this age of technology, things can be more complicated than that. There are virtually no pay phones, and if cell phone service goes down, I think the same could be true for landlines. I doubt even regular mail would work if something happened to disrupt phone service, at least temporarily.

If you decide to leave and log off before the protests are strong

It’s much easier to check in for the event if you have a place to go outside the capital or somewhere like Washington (at least 25 miles). If you have to do this after an event, make sure you have paper road maps if you have a car. They also work when you are walking or cycling. The backup GPS will probably still work regardless of the size of the demonstrations.


As with everything we all prepare for, I hope that doesn’t happen. But being prepared is what we do here. Simple measures after careful consideration of the risks you may face. Preparation gives you an advantage when you train.

What topics have you prepared that could be added to this list?

Take care of yourself!

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