Practical quail hunting is not as difficult to understand as it might seem. All you have to know are the basics of hunting, what is involved and most important of all, how to carry it out safely. There is a lot to be learned about quail hunting so one needs to have patience in order to learn everything about it. If you are new to hunting then it would be best to read up as much as you can on the matter before going out into the fields.

The first thing that any new hunter should have is a good set of binoculars. These are the tools that would allow you to see small critters such as birds, rodents and rabbits. These are also the ones that you would need to eliminate them. Check with your neighbor or someone who has used the tool before so that you get used to how they work. You will soon discover that these little creatures are not very difficult to shoot at, especially if you use the right technique.

Once you have your pair of binoculars, the next thing to do would be to check out where the perfect spots to hunt are. Check out the surrounding area as well as any rough patches. These would give you an idea as to where the animals are hanging out. Once you have found a good hunting ground, use your spotting scope to aim at the animals. Try and keep the magnification level high so that you do not end up hurting yourself by aiming too close.

Other than that, quail hunting tips would recommend that you dress up properly when going hunting. This means that you should wear loose clothes and layers so that air can circulate. Cotton shirts would be perfect as they are breathable and light. Quill fabrics are always comfortable to wear that would make you look more natural and relaxed. Check out hunting forums online for more ideas.

You can even bring along a quail feather as a scent in order to increase your chances of bagging a bird. But remember that the feathers are very strong and would break into smaller pieces if they were to be pierced through the bones. Be very careful when handling them. Also, never shoot the bird if it is moving. This is because a quail can fly at high speeds and as such they would become difficult to catch with a simple shot.

When it comes to hunting, never ever walk around a bird without taking a shot. The main reason is that they have sharp claws that can prove deadly. If you have come across a pheasant and it is eating out of your hand, then do not bother returning the bird. Instead, just turn around and walk away. It is a fact that many birds would try to attack you if you approach them. They would use their sharp claws to try and drag themselves away from you.

Another one of the quail hunting tips is to dress appropriately. There are two major requirements for hunting – the attire and the weapon. If you plan on going hunting with a gun, then it is advisable to wear camouflage. While quails, being nocturnal, are best suited for hunting in the night or in the early morning, you need to prepare yourself for hunting during dawn or dusk.

Also, another one of the quail hunting tips is to stay calm at all times. Quails are known for their fearlessness so if you happen to lose your focus while hunting, then there is a good chance that you will get shot. Always remember that a hunter has to be extremely focused if he wants to succeed. Remember to have fun and enjoy the whole experience.

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