It’s the holiday season again and you are wondering “What should I serve at my Real Estate Party.” You’ve spent the whole year hard at work on your Real Estate business and now it’s time to relax a bit and have some fun. You don’t need to hire a chef; just some simple dishes can make your next Real Estate party a hit! Here are some real estate party survival tips that will help you have a successful, low cost, no sweat, great time.

First of all, think out of the box. When most people hear “real estate business” they automatically think dinner at a 5 star eatery or fine dining. However, you can have a lot of fun without breaking the bank by cooking your own simple meals at your event. If you’re having a small gathering of three to five people then a simple buffet will do the trick. If you have a larger gathering, you’ll want to plan an appetizer course which can be as simple as boneless fried turkey breast served with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Don’t forget the wine. Whether you’re serving an actual brand name wine, pinot grigio or another more inexpensive wine it doesn’t matter, your guests will love it! The best part about Real Estate is that it isn’t alcohol free so the wine you serve is optional. Remember though, if all else fails and you really want to get everyone in the mood then consider a few glasses of wine either after dinner or in the morning (just be sure to keep the bubbly cool! ).

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As always, decorating for a Real Estate party is very important. If you are having a luncheon or breakfast then you can just hang a bright red, white and blue tablecloth outside for guests to spread their candles on. For the evening event you can hang a more elegant looking banner above the patio with the holiday information printed on it. Also, if you have a fireplace in your Realtor’s office then feel free to light up some candles and add a few relaxing fire pits around the room as well.

When cooking, plan on serving a light meal. This will help cut down on your clean up time. If you’re planning on a late night or early morning holiday then you will probably need to clean up. Just remember that your guests will be catching a lot of snow and ice in the winter so take it easy when making meals and make sure to stock up on goodies at least two days in advance.

As always, have a gift basket ready for your guests. This will help make your Realtor’s day even better since you know they will all enjoy the gifts. Many people like to bring home a few books that they have been wanting to read but never found the time to read them in. Also, you can fill up the basket with other fun and entertaining goodies which will make the day even more memorable.

A great way to kick off the holiday is by hosting a party for those who are investors. Invite your Realtor’s clients and invite them to come along for a casual business meeting and get to know each other. You can make this a more intimate gathering, if you so choose, just to ensure that everyone is comfortable with each other. In order to spice things up you can invite your acquaintances from the Realtor’s office as well, who happen to live in the area! And don’t forget to make your holiday party a reception so all your neighbors can attend and mingle!

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A real estate holiday party should be a hit with your Realtor’s clients and their families as well. They will certainly want to come back for another round in the future! So when having a real estate holiday party, try not to overdo it. Keep things casual and relaxed and you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time! Have fun, be safe, and most importantly have a great time!

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