Perfect Push Ups Workout Guide: 35+ Exercises

Push up workouts can be challenging but perfect push ups are simple to perform and always deliver results. You’ll see the difference in your muscle tone, strength, and endurance with a few months of consistent practice. This workout guide has all you need for doing perfect pushups on any surface: from floor to wall.

The “Perfect Push Ups Workout Guide” is a 35+ page PDF that includes exercises for perfect push ups. The guide also comes with a video tutorial. Read more in detail here: push up workout plan pdf.

Two vintage old businessmen doing push-ups.

The push-up is a simple exercise that can be done anywhere. Militaries throughout the globe use it to get their troops in combat shape, while middle school P.E. instructors use it to discipline punk youngsters. The push-up is the pinnacle of bodyweight training. It does not need any particular equipment and may be performed anywhere and at any time. Because many guys find doing a perfect pushup to be too straightforward or dull, it is often disregarded. However, by varying your hand and foot placements as well as adding a few twists, the push-up transforms into a flexible muscle builder that will have you pleading for mercy. The Art of Manliness has assembled the finest push-up library; here’s a primer on every variant we could locate (with video). Your muscles will despise you, but they will never get bored with you.

The Ultimate Push-Up Workout Guide

Push-up with Hands Elevated


If conventional push-ups are too difficult for you and knee push-ups are too simple, try this one as a transition between the two. The push-up is made simpler by elevating your hands. Place your hands on a raised surface, such as a park bench or a kitchen counter. Place your feet firmly on the ground. Push-ups should be done.

Push-ups in the traditional sense


It’s the same one you’ve been doing since middle school. The traditional push-up strengthens your chest and shoulders. Lie face down on the floor, your feet close together. Hands should be shoulder-width apart. Lower yourself till your chest reaches the ground while keeping a straight body. Raise your head. That counts as one rep. It’s time to broaden your push-up horizons after you’ve mastered this one.

Push-ups with a Wide Grip


The broad grip push-up emphasizes your chest more. Perform a push-up with your hands wider than shoulder width apart.

Push-ups with Diamonds


The triceps killer is the diamond push-up. Make a diamond with your hands by bringing them together. To target various muscles, you may either place your hands behind your chest or your head. Perform a push-up once your hands are in position.

Push-ups with your feet elevated


When you do a push-up, raise your feet off the ground to work your shoulders more. Place your feet on a higher surface. A bed or a park seat are also suitable options. Lie down on the ground with your hands on the ground. Push yourself to do a push-up.

Push-ups in Hinduism


For generations, Indian wrestlers and physical culture aficionados have employed the Hindu push-up. It entails a dynamic full-body exercise that strengthens and stretches the chest, shoulders, back, hips, and triceps.

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart to get into position. While maintaining your arms and legs straight, bend down and put your hands on the floor. With your butt at the tip of the “v” and your head pointing down to the ground, you should resemble an upside down human “v.”

You’ll execute a swooping motion with your body to complete the Hindu push-up. Bend your elbows and bring your head down and forward. Continue pulling your torso forward by arching your back and lowering your hips as your head approaches the ground. Your hips will now be in close proximity to your hands. Make sure your back gets a nice stretch. When doing a Hindu push-up for the first time, you may fall flat on your face during the first descent. However, keep going.


Return to the beginning location and repeat the process. The Hindu push-up is difficult to describe in words; you must see it to appreciate it. As a result, make sure you view the video.

Push-up Dive Bomber


The dive bomber push-up is similar to the Hindu push-up, except that when you return to the starting position, you reverse the swooping motion you used on the way down. It works those muscles a little harder than Hindu push-ups do.

Hindu Push-ups with a Tight Grip


Place your hands in the diamond position if you want to concentrate more on your triceps while performing the Hindu push-up. This one’s a screamer!

Dive Bomber Push-up with a Close Grip


The only difference is that the dive bomber’s hands are in the diamond position.

Hindu Push-ups with Elbows to the Floor


Lower your elbows to the floor during the descent portion of the push-up. Lift your elbows off the floor and rest all of your weight on your hands while arching your back. Return to your starting position. You’ll place greater attention on your triceps and shoulders by raising your elbows off the floor.

Hindu Push-ups with Feet on the Wall


If you’re looking for a good deltoids exercise, try this Hindu push-up variant. But be warned: this one is quite difficult. Place yourself in front of a wall with your back to it. Bring your feet up the wall and lower your hands to the floor. Bring your feet high enough up the wall so that your legs are parallel to it and your body is perpendicular to it. Return to the starting position by doing a Hindu push-up. You may make the exercise much more difficult by bringing your hands together.

Dive Bomber Push-up with Feet on the Wall


Same as before, only reverse your fall movement to go back to the starting point.

Push-ups for Tigers


The tiger push-up targets the triceps. Assume a push-up stance similar to that of a Hindu or a dive bomber. You should have the appearance of an upside-down “v.” Make a diamond shape with your hands by holding them close together. Bend your elbows and drop your head to the ground, but maintain your butt up in the air. Recover your balance.

Push-ups with one hand


The one-handed push-up is a strength test that distinguishes males from boys. You’ll need not just brute arm, shoulder, and chest strength, but you’ll also need to rely on multiple smaller muscles to keep yourself stable while lifting your bodyweight with one arm.

Assume a standard push-up stance with your feet spread wider than shoulder width apart. Place one hand behind your leg and the other in front of it. Slowly lower yourself to the ground and push yourself up. Rep until you can no longer do so, then move to the other hand. The push-up will be more difficult if you maintain your body square and level. Turn your body and legs away from the pushing hand to make it easier.

Push-ups a la Rocky


The Rocky push-up is similar to a one-handed push-up, except that each rep alternates hands. When preparing to face Apollo Creed, this is a requirement.


Push-ups in Handstand


Don’t bother with shoulder presses. Look no farther than the handstand push-up for a great shoulder exercise. To accomplish a proper handstand push-up, you must first master the handstand, which is an athletic achievement in and of itself. Assume a handstand stance to begin the handstand push-up. Slowly lower your inverted body to the ground by bending your elbows. You’ll have to rely on your core and other minor stabilizing muscles to keep your equilibrium. The handstand push-up is wonderful for your delts since you’re pushing yourself off the ground.

Handstand Push-up with Wall Assist


If you can’t yet achieve a handstand, you can still benefit from the shoulder strengthening advantages of the handstand push-up by using a wall. Place yourself near a wall and turn away from it. Place your feet on the wall and gradually rise up until you’re standing straight up on your hands. Lower your head to the ground by bending your elbows. Raise your hands.

Push-ups with a plyometric component


Plyometric workouts aim to improve speed and explosiveness by rapidly loading and contracting a muscle. Athletes benefit greatly from plyometric activities. Plyometric workouts for the lower body are certainly something you’ve seen before. A excellent example is squat jumps. With a plyometric push-up, you may receive the explosive effect of plyos in your upper body training as well.

Assume a typical push-up stance to begin the plyometric push-up. Reduce your height to the ground. Push off the floor with enough power that your hands exit the floor with explosive force. Repeat.

Push-ups with Clapping


A plyometric push-up is the same as a clapping push-up. The only difference is that you clap your hands while in the air as you erupt off the ground. Aside from the plyometric effects, I’ve discovered that adding a clap in the middle may aid boost hand speed. Furthermore, it helps you feel cool.

Push-ups with three claps


The triple clap push-up requires a high level of hand speed and agility. Push-ups with plyometrics are a great way to get your heart rate up. Clap once as your body rises, once as it reaches its top, once behind your back, and once more before your hands strike the earth.

Push-ups on the Planche


This is the pinnacle of push-ups. This monster will only be able to be performed by the most athletic and powerful people. During floor routines, the planche is a gymnastic maneuver. Break dancers do it as well. Simply explained, this is a push-up where you do not place your feet on the ground and instead rely only on your hands to balance.

Move your hands back towards your hips to do the planche. Instead of looking forward, turn your hands back towards your feet. This reduces the strain on your wrists. Push yourself up after lowering yourself.

Push-ups with a Pseudo Planche


Start with a faux planche push-up if you’re not quite ready for a complete planche push-up. Place your hands back towards your hips, hands facing back towards your feet, in the planche push-up posture. The term “pseudo planche push-up” comes from the fact that your feet stay on the ground. Lower yourself and then push yourself up. Repeat.


Push-ups with a rotational pattern


The core is worked in this push-up version. Assume a traditional push-up posture. Push up after lowering yourself to the ground. As you rise, twist your body so your right hand is off the floor and your right arm is extended above. You should resemble a gigantic “T” turned sideways. Return to the beginning position, lower yourself, push yourself up, and rotate your left hand until it points up.

Push-ups with Spiderman


Assume a traditional push-up posture. Bend your right knee and twist it outwards as you lower your body. Your right elbow should be in contact with your right knee. Return your leg to the beginning position as you push your body back up. Alternate between your right and left sides of the body.

Push-ups like Superman


More than 100 crunches, the Superman push-up will work your core. It’s also a fantastic back workout. Face down on the floor. Place your hands farther out in front of your head rather than by your chest. Raise your head. I assumed this would be simple, but the first time I tried it, I couldn’t even complete one.

Push-ups with Grasshoppers


Assume a traditional push-up posture. Step your right leg into the area between your left hand and foot as you lower your body to the floor, crossing it all the way to the left side, resting on the outside edge of your foot. As you bring your body back up, take a step back with your right foot to get back into the traditional push-up posture. Reverse the process with your left foot. This is a single rep.

Push-ups Aztec


These are just crazy. Do not try unless you are in excellent physical condition. Begin by doing a regular push-up. Reduce your height to the earth. Perform a jack knife by connecting your fingers to your toes in mid-air after exploding off the ground with your full body. Return to your original starting position. If you haven’t already murdered yourself, repeat the process.

Push-up with your fingers


Look no farther than the fingers push-up if you want to improve your forearm strength for golf or tennis. Proceed with care since this is extremely advanced. Instead of resting your weight on your hands, place it on your fingers.

Fingertip Push-ups by Jack Lalanne


The Superman push-up on your fingers is what the Jack Lalanne fingertip push-up is all about. What’s astonishing is that Jack Lalanne, who is over 100 years old, can still bang this bad boy out. If it doesn’t make you want to go down on the floor and start doing push-ups like crazy, I don’t know what will.

Push-up using Bruce Lee’s One-Handed Two-Fingertips


Bruce Lee was a physical marvel to see. Despite his diminutive stature, he had the might of a hundred men. He can perform many push-ups with just two fingers on one hand, demonstrating his Herculean power. That’s just insane.

Who are we fooling, anyway? A one-handed, two-fingertip push-up is unlikely to be accomplished by 98.7% of all males. It’s simply fascinating to think that it’s humanly conceivable.


Push-ups by Charles Atlas


Are you sick of being the 95-pound knucklehead that gets sand kicked in the face? Then do some push-ups like Charles Atlas. Three chairs are required for this push-up. Place one chair in front of your feet and the other two seats in front of your hands. On these chairs, assume a push-up posture. Reduce your height to the earth. You may go down farther and get a deep stretch in your chest and shoulders since you’re raised off the floor by the chairs. It also makes it more difficult to get back up.

Push-ups with One Leg


In addition to your arms, the one-legged push-up works your core and glutes.

Assume a regular push-up stance and lift your right leg straight up, allowing you to balance your weight only on your left foot. In this posture, do push-ups while keeping your right leg straight and in the air.

Push-ups that are isometric


Isometric push-ups maintain continual muscular tension and are excellent for increasing muscle endurance.

Place yourself in a conventional push-up position. Instead of forcing yourself back up, lower yourself to the ground and stay there. Hold for ten seconds, or longer if desired. While holding it, contract and unflex your muscles for a more intense burn. Push yourself back up and do it again.

Push-ups on the knuckles


Martial artists employ knuckle push-ups to toughen their knuckles and strengthen their wrists and forearms so they can deliver more severe punches.

Simply execute conventional push-ups while resting on your knuckles rather than your hands to accomplish a knuckle push-up.

Push-ups that are staggered


You may isolate one side of your chest by doing staggered push-ups. They also force you to rely on your core for support. Push-ups that are staggered target your chest, triceps, shoulders, and abdomen.

Place yourself in a conventional push-up position. Return your right arm to the center of your abdomen. The staggered posture is the result of this. Begin by doing a set of push-ups. When you’re finished, bring your left hand back to your stomach and complete another round of push-ups.

Push-ups from side to side


Push-ups from one side to the other enable you to concentrate on one side of your body. They’re an excellent way to transition into one-armed push-ups.

Place yourself in a conventional push-up position. Lean to the left as you drop yourself to the ground. When you push yourself back up, your left arm should be performing the majority of the effort and your right arm should simply be there for support. Return to your original starting position. Return to your original position, but this time lean right.


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The “Perfect Push Ups Workout Guide: 35+ Exercises” is a guide that provides exercises for the perfect push ups workout. The guide has 35 different exercises and is broken down into three categories: push-ups, sit-ups, and cardio. Reference: 1,000 push ups, 1,000 sit ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 35 push ups a day good?

A: This is a difficult question, as the answer really depends on your health and fitness level. If you are doing 35 push ups per day but still not feeling it, then try dropping down to 20 or so.

Is 35 pushups in 30 seconds good?

A: Yes, please do 35 pushups in 30 seconds.

What is a good routine for push-ups?

A: There are many different routines for push-ups, but the most effective is a routine where you do 3 sets of 10.

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