Here are nine tips for painting with infants. We all need to remember that even though infant paint is a little bit more delicate than the adult paint. It still requires some basic skills and precautions. Use these pointers to make your pictures come out beautiful.

Get undressed baby: 1) Take infant out of their sleep, naked or wrapped in a towel. 2) Be sure to undress them leaving them on their diaper. You can now put the baby down on a table or counter. Do not put them on the floor.

2. Avoid putting paints near eyes: When you think you’ve painted the entire surface, don’t touch a single point. It’s best to leave a red dot where you touched the paint. This red dot will tell you where you should start over and help you fix things if needed. If the paint doesn’t come off on your fingers, put a drop cloth under the infant’s feet and gently clean the paint away.

3. For newborns, it’s important to pick the right color: Choose a neutral shade or one with fewer colors. It’s also easier to pick a shade that matches the natural colors of their hair. For most infants, their hair color will be darker at birth and lighter as they get older.

4. Keep a steady distance from the infant: When working with an infant, always keep a distance between yourself and the baby. Avoid getting too close. Some people instinctively grasp the infant’s hand when they are painting, but this can cause suffocation if the baby tries to take your hand away. If possible, keep the distance at a couple of inches, but make sure to keep touching the infant when you have to change position. Avoid patting and kneading for fear of smothering the baby.

5. Use a spray bottle instead of a brush: A small paint brush is more effective than a large one because the baby can reach it and apply the paint easily. Use a paint bottle instead of a brush, so you can apply more colors without having to disturb the baby.

6. Let the infant choose colors: You do not have to let the infant choose colors for you. Allow him or her to look at the paint samples and choose ones he or she likes. You can look at the samples later and choose the colors that you think will be fun or soothing for the baby.

7. Allow the child to express himself or herself: Do not just let the infant sits at the paint table and wait to paint. Show some patience and do not rush through the process. The infant may just want to sleep at this moment. Do not forget that it is part of the process and should be allowed.

8. Use a warm cloth or a soft plush cloth: You can use a washcloth to wipe down the baby’s hands before hand. Do not use scented soaps or perfumes on the skin of your baby as these may cause irritation. If possible, avoid perfumes and soaps at this time.

9. Use paints that are safe for babies: There are many paints available but make sure that they are safe for your baby. It is better to choose water-based paints rather than oil paints. Also avoid paints with strong ingredients.

10. Keep it simple: You do not have to decorate the nursery the way you want it too. Stick to just one theme at a time and do not change this theme for too long. This will save you time and money since you will not have to redecorate again.

Painting with infants can be fun. It is a wonderful way to bond with your baby and to improve their imagination. The tips mentioned above can help you give your infant the best experience when learning how to paint. So take the time to try these tips today and enjoy the new way you can teach them.

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