“Night Shift Survival Guide: A Nursing Student Shares Her 9 Top Tips for surviving on a night shift.” By Christina C. Quirico, Registered Nurse, West Chester University of Health Sciences, Dentistry. First published in 2021, this book is definitely a helpful nursing student’s guide to anything-and-everything that might happen while on a nighttime shift. It is full of helpful information about the legalities and responsibilities of nursing during night hours as well as common nursing problems, solutions, and how to handle them if they occur.

The most informative chapters include “A Short Survival Guide,” “Tips for Handling Negative Situations,” ” precinct Work,” “Station Life on Night Shift,” Ninth Hour.” These chapters cover everything from what to bring in for a late night snack to the importance of personal hygiene to emergency numbers. There are also several appendices listed at the end of the book, which include further reading material and a complete glossary of medical terms, nursing terminologies, and nursing techniques.

Most of the chapters consist of short stories or fictional examples, but there is one that is completely realistic, and that is “Ten Best Friends.” This ten best friend’s story describes the daily experiences of one nursing student on a night shift. It includes both humorous and heartbreaking scenes-one that made me laugh and another that made me cry. Another great chapter is about dealing with boredom after a long day of nursing.

My favorite part was the end part, which gives some suggested ideas on what one can do to enjoy the most during the day. It begins by describing what type of work could be done on nights and then gives various suggestions on what kinds of fun can be had. One interesting idea is to take a nap during the day. There is a reason why nursing is such a relaxing profession-it allows one to relax. If you need to take a nap, ask your supervisor for permission.

Night shifts are tough but they aren’t all that different from day shifts. The biggest difference is that patients have more freedom. However, nursing requires extra patience. That’s why it helps to have friends around. When a nursing student shares “Ten Best Friends,” she can feel closer to those who love nursing-and to herself.

The next day, I read through the book again. This time, I was surprised by how many good points I could pick up from this one book. I had read other books that were similar to “Ten Best Friends.” They all seemed to deal with the same situations, and they all had their fair share of tips to help nursing students deal with the physical demands of such a job. I liked “The Nursing Student Survival Guide: A Guide for Students in Medical Care” more than the previous books. It had some unique elements.

One thing I liked about this book is that there were several different perspectives. There were tips on relationships, and there were discussions on what would make one “more likable in the eyes of patients and/or management.” Another thing I liked was that there were several different problems that could arise from having to deal with the physical demands of night shifts. One section of the book pointed out the potential risks of kidney infections, and the importance of keeping one’s feet elevated at all times. These are important issues for nurses who are working in such conditions.

At the end of the book, there was a set of questions and answers. Each question was designed to be asked by someone who has been in the same position as the one the question was aimed at. For example, one question dealt with how to handle the feeling that one’s body is not functioning at its highest level. The author did an excellent job of describing what these feelings are and how to go about handling them. This guide is definitely worth the read!

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