Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

This article discusses the relationship between male and female characters in the video game, The Last Of Us.

The “nice guys don’t finish last quotes” is a quote that has been used by many people. It has been said that the nice guys usually end up as winners because they are not as aggressive as the other players.

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When a guy sees another another bombshell on the arm of a fellow who seems to be a total d-bag, he is tempted to wave his fist at the heavens and ask whether the world is fair. “What does she see in him?” he exclaims, puzzled.

The person who asks this question is usually a self-described “good man” who doesn’t understand why guys of his kind always appear to come in last place while the world’s dumb tools get the female. To him, it seems that his niceness is the source of the issue, as it tends to repel women who, for some reason, prefer to date jerks. But the issue isn’t that he’s a good person; it’s that he’s allowed niceness to lead him down the path of weinerdom.

Too many guys use their pleasant demeanor as a ruse to hide their insecurity. It’s their lack of confidence and swagger, not their well-mannered demeanor, that destroys their prospects with the women. Men often create a false dichotomy. You have the option of being an arrogant jerk or a demure decent person. But there is a happy medium, a mix that women crave: the supremely confident gentleman.

Identifying the Issue

While men and women seem to be relatively civilized these days, thousands of years of evolutionary experience, hard wiring from our nomadic hunter/gatherer days, are imprinted on their DNA. Our genders are wired in such a way that they like certain things in the other. Men seek for youthful, big-breasted, wide-hipped women not only because they’re shallow, but because their inner caveman sees these features as indicators that a woman may deliver a large number of healthy children. And women desire safety and security from large, powerful, confident males because they long for the protection and security that such characteristics formerly gave in primitive civilization.

So where does it leave the frail individual? Is he slamming his head on the cave’s inside wall? Is he need to work hard to become a beefcake in order to captivate the ladies? Not for him, thankfully. While being physically powerful is still appealing to many women, it is no longer the deal-breaker it once was for our forefathers. The feminine need for strength, on the other hand, has not faded; rather, it has transferred to a man’s inner attractiveness. To win a woman’s heart, you don’t have to be a man gorilla, but you do have to be a highly confident guy. And, happily, this is something that every guy can achieve.

To become the Supremely Confident Gentleman, you must first become the Supremely Confident Gentleman.

Don’t be a pushover; be a leader and a decision maker. In today’s world, spouses are equal partners. Yes, males must accept a woman’s point of view, and couples should seek to make choices jointly. However, for many males, female empowerment equates to abdicating all responsibility and decision-making. A guy doesn’t want to come out as a sexist pig, so he takes the opposite approach and defers everything to his girlfriend. No woman wants to wear the pants all the time, no matter how free she is. She doesn’t want to be the one who is responsible for everything. She wants you to be in control on occasion. The fact that they’re generally commanding kind of men is why women occasionally fall for absolute jerks.


Be aspirational. Primitive women aspired to marry the tribe’s alpha male since these males were more likely to provide for their children. You don’t have to prove to your woman that you can spear a woolly mammoth, but you do have to show her that you’re an alpha male, or that you’re working toward it. If you’re selling insurance, make sure you’re a top-notch salesperson. Show her that you’re working your way up to the corner office if you’re a business man.

Some males believe that women are vain and that they are only interested in a man’s status because it means more money. But it’s not the amount of shoes she can purchase that draws her in, but the sense of stability that a good paycheck may provide. At some level, every woman wants to be cared for.

Have a nice manly talent or pastime. Men often have a single-minded concentration on a pastime or interest, and women find these masculine obsessions quite appealing and interesting. I’m not referring to a strong desire to collect Star Wars action figures. I’m referring about being passionate about music and being able to introduce your girlfriend to new bands and burn her CDs that you believe she’ll like. I’m referring to woodworking, and I’d want to show your wife your workshop where you create oak tables and chairs.

Being enthusiastic about a sport, being able to cook effectively, being passionate about volunteer work, or being an amazing photographer are all desirable qualities to women. Not only does it make you look unusual and distinctive, but it also makes women want to talk about it to their friends. “That chair you’re sitting on was created by Ted.” “Wait till you sample Brad’s eggplant parmesan,” says the narrator. Women want to feel like they’ve discovered a nice catch, a guy who is appreciated by both men and women. Napoleon Dynamite was absolutely correct. Guys with abilities appeal to females.

Have complete faith in your partnership. A woman wants to feel as though she had a choice among all the women in the room and selected her. As a result, she doesn’t want you to be taken aback by the fact that she really went out with you. When she says yes to things like a second date or a kiss, don’t be surprised. Don’t go on and on about how ladies like her never say yes to you and how you weren’t going to approach her because she seemed out of your league. Don’t reveal your fear of losing her on a regular basis.

It’s OK to tell her you’re a very fortunate man and that you’re pleased you met her; this merely indicates that you’re grateful your paths intersected, not that you’re shocked she’s interested in you. Always behave as though you already knew she’d say yes and that she’d fall in love with you from the start. You never had any doubts in your thoughts. Why wouldn’t she fall for you since you’re the man? It’s not about being cocky; it’s about knowing exactly what you have to give a lady.


Be totally self-assured and at ease in your own skin. A high level of self-assurance might hide a slew of flaws. Even if you’ve never achieved alpha male status in your life, being confident in your own skin will endear you to women. If you’re a bit down on your luck, don’t admit it. Though you’re a bit eccentric, act as if your eccentricities make you the coolest guy in the room. Take, for example, the odd and unsightly starving artist. He lacks the looks, the strength, and the cash. Women, on the other hand, flock to him because a) he has a cool man talent, b) he’s mysterious, and c) he’s entirely at ease in his own skin and couldn’t care less what other people think of him. Don’t be afraid to flaunt the fact that you’re a one-of-a-kind individual. Being unaffected by criticism or anxieties is an important and appealing male characteristic to develop.

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“Nice guys don’t finish last” is a phrase that has been used for years. It’s true that nice guys don’t always win, but it’s also true that they never give up. Reference: nice guys finish last.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do nice guys actually finish last?

A: Yes, most of the time.

Whats nice guys finish last mean?

A: Nice guys finish last is a phrase that means people who are nice often dont win in competition with others.

Do nice guys ever finish first?

A: Yes.

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