Natural Camouflage: Disappear in the Wilderness

If you are lost in the forest and need to go unnoticed, just become a tree. Learn some tips for disappear-in-the-wilderness survival with natural camouflage techniques. This is an advanced course that only those who have mastered stalking skills should attempt!

The “how to build a bed in the wilderness” is a guide on how to build a bed in the wild. It will help you disappear into the wilderness and not be found.

Man camouflaged with tree.

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You never know when natural camouflage may come in handy. Blending into the nature around you, whether to run and dodge or to hunt and stalk, may be an essential element of your survival scenario one day, and it’s critical that you learn the fundamentals. Fortunately, the procedure is error-free and, maybe unexpectedly, quick.

The Foundation Layer

Man covered in mud for camouflaging.

It all begins with some muddin’! It goes without saying that this kind of natural camouflage is ideal for hot weather. This method is also considerably more effective when used on bare skin. I began the procedure by stripping down to my underwear and scooping some goopy clay-mud mix off the pond’s edge. There’s no need to be gentle about it – simply spread it on! The following step is simple after you’ve mudded everything up.

Man face covered in mud for camouflaging.

Apply it thickly; a strong, moist base layer is essential.

Man's full body covered in mud for camouflaging.

For the sake of politeness, I had to go Garden of Eden on these images using a Burdock leaf.

Duff and Debris from the Forest

Man face covered with forest debris natural camouflage.

Every kind of forest ecosystem has a layer of duff, debris, and leaf litter on the ground. What better material to utilize than what is found naturally in the location you are in? Simply smash handfuls of forest debris all over your wet, sticky foundation layer. It will cling and get cemented into place when the mud dries. You may even roll about on the ground and see what your fly-paper-like body picks up.

Men covered in stewart forest debris natural camouflage.

I get what you’re thinking: it seems to be irritating. It’s not the case. The dirt layer shields your body from all of the tiny twig and leaf pricks that you believe are all over my body. I’m also amazed with how effectively this repels insects. It isn’t 100 percent effective, but it is beneficial.

Now, vanish.

Men camouflaged against tree.

It’s astonishing how fast this simple two-step natural camouflage approach can make you vanish. When I was hunting with natural camo a few years ago, a squirrel ran down the tree I was resting against and ate a nut while perched on my leg. I’m not kidding. I could tell he was aware that something was wrong, but he had no clue he was sitting on a person! It was an incredible experience, and that squirrel was delectable (I didn’t kill him). Yes, I could tell it was a “he” from that distance.

Men camouflaged with log.

By the way, my skin looks and feels fantastic. “Natural Camo Full Body Treatments,” I suppose I’ll start charging for.

Men face camouflage with mud and leaves.

Men camouflage with mud and laves.


Remember what you learnt here the next time you’re hunted by a Predator from another planet: strip naked, muck up, and roll about on the ground. You’ll be an indistinguishable fixture in the woodland surrounding you in less than 5 minutes.

It’s important to remember that the question isn’t IF, but WHEN.


Listen to my survival and preparation skills podcast with Creek.

Listen to my survival and preparation skills podcast with Creek.

Creek Stewart is the anchor of the Weather Channel’s Fat Guys in the Woods and a Senior Instructor at Willow Haven Outdoor School for Survival, Preparedness, and Bushcraft. Creek’s life’s work is to educate, share, and preserve outdoor survival and living skills. 



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The “cold weather survival shelter” is a natural camouflage that will allow you to disappear in the wilderness. The “natural camo” pattern blends with the environment, making it difficult for predators to spot prey.

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