Have you ever looked back at your schedule and wished that you had more time for your morning routine? Whether it is helping to prepare food for the next day or just making sure that everyone is where they should be in the morning, having a routine can really pay off. Unfortunately though, many of us have to make time for our morning routine without really knowing how to do it. In this article I will share with you some very fun, and effective ways that you can use to make your morning routine with 6 kids a lot more fun!

First, set a routine. Don’t try to make this into a game because it won’t work as well. Make it into a real life event. You could say that this is a “rite of passage” for the children to get all dressed up and go outside for a quick breakfast (and maybe clean their teeth or wash their face) so that they can spend the rest of the day doing what they were sent to do. If you want to have an even easier time doing this, you can just have them all come to you and give you a kiss or a pat on the back, which will really mean something to them now that they get to express themselves.

After creating the routine for the day, you need to stick to it. Yes, your kids will be going to school and getting on with their day, but you are still giving them an event to look forward to. The trick here is to set a realistic routine, one that doesn’t get old quickly but will last the entire day. Remember that having fun is important, but this should not take over the entire day. It should just be a fun part of the day.

As the children get older, you will have more time to plan their events in the day. You can still keep to the same routine, but as the kids get older you can vary things a bit more. This can make it seem like you never ran out of ideas for fun and games to keep them busy in their spare time. This is one way to help keep the routines consistent throughout the year. Another thing to remember is that it will not be long before the routine stops being as fun and the routine may begin to feel boring to them.

Make sure you pay attention to the little things when you are making up your routine. It is really easy to fall into a pattern where there are only certain times for certain things. This is especially true if you have many different kids. For example, there are only certain times that you have clean-ups and other times for homework and other times for letting the kids run around and be independent.

You can really spice up your morning routine by adding in new things at regular intervals. You can also keep things consistent by making sure that they all get their morning allowance on the same day. You can do this using an electronic score card that is given to each child every day. This helps you keep track of how much each child is spending and helps you adjust the amount so that it fits right into your budget.

There are other things that you can add in during the course of the day. For example, it might be fun to play a game or two with the kids or give them a movie to watch. This is actually a great time to bond with the kids and might even make them want to talk to you more often. You could also talk with them about what their favorite pastimes are and find ways to incorporate those into the routine. Whatever you end up doing, just remember that it is supposed to be fun for the kids and to enjoy your time together as a family.

My Morning Routine With 6 Kids is a great way to get them to wake up and enjoy the day. You can easily throw in some fun and exercise during the day and still spend most of your time in the evening reading or watching television. It really is all about making it fun for them. If they are having fun, then you are sure to have a successful morning routine. This will benefit all of you, since you don’t have to deal with fighting with your kids every single morning.

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