My kids are sick. Sick with what? A hangover, sick from being unsupervised, sick from the food my husband makes us eat or sick from the bad air quality in our home. Whatever the reason – I don’t have to put up with it. I am raising healthy and happy children, and I do it all with these top survival tips.

First, if you’re scared, get help. A hangover in the morning might not seem like a big deal, but a hangover at the end of the day will really sting. If your kids get sick and stay sick, someone needs to take them to the doctor, and they need to get better fast! Do yourself a favor and get some immediate help if you think it’s necessary.

Second, understand that your children’s sickness is affecting you too. When you’re sick, you feel differently than when you’re not sick. Your energy level may fluctuate and your thoughts may become worrisome or irrational. You’re probably exhausted from trying to take care of your sick children, so take some time away from the kitchen and the house and just relax – the rest will come when you’re better.

Third, know when to let go and trust God. Kids who are going through hard times and have been sick from a sickness are likely not to see a brighter future. So trust in God and give him all the love and strength you can so he can bring you peace and happiness again. And believe me, you’ll find that the peace and happiness you get will be worth all the struggle you’ve gone through to get here.

Fourth, understand that there is power in God’s voice and that if you simply listen and obey, He will send you more blessings. If you’re getting sick, remember that sickness is a gift from God – it means you’re putting yourself before His glory. Remember that it is your desire to glorify Him and that you should do everything in your power to make that happen.

Fifth, take your children to the doctor – even if they think it’s bad, don’t assume they know any better. Even if their illness is painful or they’re inconsiderate parents, showing them love and support is always beneficial. Even if their illnesses are serious, showing them you’re there for them will give them a new lease on life and help them to accept their new situation with a different mindset.

Sixth, use your head. If you’ve ever seen a person that was so full of themselves that all the other people around them looked down on them, that person probably had a serious problem. Try to look at things objectively – even if you might not like what you see, it’s important to see something positive. Think about all the blessings you have in your life – even when you think your kids aren’t doing too well, it could be that one thing that can help them to become the person that they want to be.

Seventh, surround your children with positive information. Kids tend to believe the worst about everything – even when there are no real problems involved. This doesn’t make them crazy, it makes them very dependent. Just keep positive information coming at them, but don’t push it on them when they’re still not open to it. Just like you would talk to someone before telling them something, you’ll do the same when they’re sick.

Eighth, let your kids know that they are not alone. Kids feel like they are the only ones in the family that can help. They might have no idea how to do anything, but they feel that if they ask, then someone will help them. Your kids will also get a sense of security when they hear that their parents are concerned for them. Even if they don’t understand everything that you’re saying, they’ll understand that you’re worried and are doing everything you can to help them.

Last, never say “I’m sick!” When someone is truly sick, they won’t be able to eat, drink, or even take care of basic survival needs. It’s important for kids to understand that when they are sick, nobody cares – they just need help getting better. Let them know that you’re proud of them and that you’ll always stand by them no matter what. Your kids will be stronger when they have someone to lean on when they are sick, so be sure to always be there for them no matter what.

My kids are sick – what should I do now? A parent should always have some sort of plan for when their kids become ill. If you’re preparing for a future sickness, start today by reviewing some survival guides that you can find online. There are even websites that can show you what to do if your child becomes sick. The Internet can be a great place for information and ideas on getting help for sick kids. Make sure you always have things on hand so that you can help your kid if they become sick, and make sure you know what you’re doing if your child does become ill.

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