What can your family survival plan include? A few key phrases are necessary for any plan. These are:

* Shelter – Any home or building that has any type of roof over it needs to be included. This will include a small or large building. There are many sources for free and inexpensive shelter. One very easy source is a local Home Depot or Lowes center.

* Heat – Most people know that heat is a necessity. It is nice to have a garage or storage unit where you can store extra blankets and other items to keep warm. Many areas have onsite heating systems but they are often not very efficient and do not provide great warmth. A small radiant or solar heater can be purchased and installed on the house or building.

* Food – Everyone needs food. Some families may have gardens where they grow their own produce. Other people may shop at the local grocery store for their daily supply of food. There are many sources for great home grown foods or purchasing local organic foods.

* Water – Many areas have plentiful water sources. This means that the ability to drink can be done without much effort. However, it is still important to conserve the use of water when possible. Some methods of recycling or reuse include adding chlorine to the water (there are health risks) or distilling the water before drinking. Another way to save money and conserve water is to only use as much water as needed at a time.

* Emergency Supplies – If a disaster or calamity does occur, having some essentials on hand such as food, water, and emergency supplies can be very helpful. This list can easily be compiled by each family member and placed in an emergency kit or kept in a purse for easy access. This kit can be shared and used by all family members in case there is an emergency situation. It is also important to have one copy of this kit handy and available for use.

* Emergency Money – This might not seem like a savings plan, but it really can be. Having extra money available to pay for unexpected emergencies will keep a family from having to go into debt. Saving money in any form is a smart and responsible thing to do. We all need to tighten our belts and look at other expenses such as food and gasoline. When looking at emergency money, make sure that it covers all needs and is not just put into a savings account to be drained quickly.

* Family Travel Insurance – This is not something that everyone thinks about when preparing a family survival plan. However, travel insurance is very important and should definitely be included in the list. Protecting your family against the unexpected is priceless and travel insurance can help protect your family.

* Emergency Money for Bills – Sometimes the worst thing that could happen is losing everything we have. This can happen due to fire, flood, earthquake or anything else. In order to avoid going into debt, it’s important to save money first. Saving money is important because it helps pay for bills, go to visit family and put food on the table. Saving money is a valuable lesson for young children to learn how to become more responsible with their money.

* Food & Water – Everyone needs food and water to survive. It is important to be prepared and know where you will get them when disaster strikes. This is the most important part of a family survival plan and often the first thing that are overlooked. Purchasing canned foods and supplies can save a lot of money. Being prepared with some canned goods ahead of time is also beneficial because they won’t spoil and you will always have cold drinks available for your family to drink.

* Craft Kits – Some families will gather scrap materials together to make some sort of a kit. This can be anything from rope to old clothes. This is very beneficial for those families that are on a budget but need some basic tools to start helping out. These kits can be made with things around the house that everyone uses regularly. Just getting some basics can help people get through a few days until help comes. This is also an important component to a family’s survival plan that doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started.

* Medicines – If there is an emergency and medication is needed, having some of these on hand is crucial. There are two medications that should be on hand at all times, as they are used for different problems and both are quite effective in helping those with different types of health problems. As a family, these are very important and should be one of the main things you look into for your family survival. These items may not be expensive to acquire, but they are very effective.

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