MSNBC’s resident conspiracy nut offers free advice to President Bush about the upcoming attacks in Texas. The ranting, insane conspiracy theorist on air suggests that the President is either trying to start a war or that he has a personal mission to get the American people to blame him for the attacks. Of course, the reality is that the government offered no specific advice about when or where the attacks would occur. Of course, the mayor of San Antonio was somewhat more precise.

“We have been very clear that this attack is an act of terrorism, and it appears that it was carried out by some local or self-radicalized cell,” the mayor said. Now then, I’d like to see some evidence that anyone from the government has ever offered any hints that the government might issue warnings prior to the attacks. So far, MSNBC’s resident conspiracy theorist has offered no such hints. Still, this doesn’t make sense does it?

The fact is that the government routinely issues public warnings regarding acts of domestic terrorism. For example, the U.S. Department of homeland security issues white paper every December that discusses the possible domestic terror threats we face. You’ve probably also heard about the Department of Homeland Security’s plan to beef up federal police forces to increase the nation’s ability to respond to such attacks. Why has the media ignored these plans and the obvious fact that they’re already in place? Are they covering for the government in case something happens again?

Well, if you believe what you are reading here then you are probably part of the mainstream media, otherwise known as the “MSM.” Indeed, the MSM is largely an arm of the government and so it makes sense that they would act as if they agree with this particular assessment. However, that is simply not the case. The reason is that the Obama administration routinely takes credit for the work done by the federal government. Remember, the government’s plan to counter a potential terrorist attack is far more complicated than just saying; “Do something!”

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In fact, that might be considered counterproductive. In reality, the government and the MSM will never tell you the truth about the extent of any potential threat from a terrorist group in the United States. Why? It’s not because the government doesn’t believe in telling the truth. Rather, the government and the MSM understand that if the American people knew the full scope of the government’s response time to an urban terrorist attack, the political fallout from the attack would be tremendous and perhaps end the political career of the president who ordered the response.

Remember, all of this took place over two years ago. You can bet that there were many people in the White House at the time who didn’t think that the urban attack was nearly as serious as it was being promoted by various media outlets. Yet, now President Obama and his administration are busy trying to explain to the American people why this story isn’t actually even newsworthy.

For your information, the guy who wrote the book on the government’s response time, Michael Getgood, had made these comments to me over the summer. He told me that if a large-scale domestic terrorist attack occurred in the United States, the government would be “overloaded” within 72 hours. Additionally, he said that they would have “no choice” but to create a response that was quick. In other words, they would turn the situation into a military operation in order to get the job done, period. Okay, so, how come all this is happening?

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Well, I’m going to tell you because it has been happening and it hasn’t really stopped. The fact is that the United States government has allowed the urban terrorism threat to grow because they refuse to do anything about it. Only a problem of massive proportions has thus grown. It is up to the American people to stop letting the mass hysteria run wild.

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