What does Monday mean to you? Have you ever heard the expression, “What is Monday?” If you have not then it is time you did. It’s a day set apart from other days of the week, set aside in order to help us get through the tough stuff, to help us to relax and take a deep breath and just know that life is still going to be there on Monday.

Monday is the first day of a new year. It is a time of celebrations with family, friends, co-workers and sometimes enemies. For those of us lucky enough to have jobs or careers this represents a special day. A chance to meet our bosses and/or peers and just unwind for a few hours. For many this is a time of celebration and relaxation, as stress levels are lowered and tension is released.

There is nothing wrong with being tense and working through the minor aches and pains associated with being fully booked. The trick is to find a way to release the negative energy created by the stress. One way is by going out for a night or two with friends and having a great time. This can provide some much need stress relief.

Another way is to take a vacation. Take some time off and relax. You need to recharge your batteries before getting back to work on Monday. It is highly likely that Monday will be a slow day as the holiday pressure of the previous day still tugs at you.

Even the most dedicated holidaymaker will under perform and under deliver at some point. Set aside time to assess what has been done correctly and what needs improving. This time can be used to make sure you get things right from the start and can turn things around for the better on the second or third day of your break.

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Plan a short break during your holiday to try and get away from it all and breathe fresh air. You can then go back to work as normal but with a renewed attitude to your job and a more positive outlook. By getting away from it all, you may also be able to find some peace and quiet. By allowing yourself this time, you are less likely to pick up the stress hormones that are produced in your body when you are stressed.

Get yourself into the holiday mood. A small amount of sunshine and a trip to the shops can help you get motivated and ready to face another week of stress and pressure. If you can, avoid driving during the day as this can add to your stress. If you are driving, try to park your car next to a tree or shed so you do not add stress to your day. Try to walk as much as possible during the day or using public transport.

You do not have to put in extra hours at work. If you can cut back from a few days of work, this will help enormously to relieve your stress levels and will give you extra time for rest and relaxation. By doing this, you will be well on your way to reducing your stress levels and boosting your Monday Motivation. You should take advantage of every opportunity you get during your break to work harder and enjoy yourself, so that next time you feel stressed, you know why and how you are managing it and you can return to a stress free holiday.

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A great way to get yourself out of the holiday rut is to go shopping. You can treat this as your own personal holiday survival tips! Shopping can be an incredibly enjoyable way to spend time, and you can really get some exercise when choosing the things you want to buy. There is such a variety of different things available that you are sure to find something that suits you and your budget. Christmas is all about shopping, so make sure you stock up on presents before your break.

Try not to watch television during your break. Many people make the mistake of watching television during the day while at home, which is a huge mistake. This can lead to more stress and may make you feel even more tense. Try to get away from the house for a few hours each day, and take your holiday if you can during this time. Your Monday Motivation: Holiday Survival Tips will be considerably boosted by having some time away from the house.

When you are away from home, try and de-stress as much as possible. This is one of the most popular holiday survival tips that people follow, yet it can be very hard to achieve. You can spend a lot of time in front of the television and this can create stress for you. You should also try and unplug from your cell phone if you can. The more disconnected you are, the better off you will be in avoiding too much stress during your break.

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