Memorial Day is a day set apart for those who have lost loved ones to the disease, death or otherwise. The best Memorial Day survival tips for Gold Star families deal with preparing for such an important day in their family history. Although we never know what will happen or how someone might die, we do our best to honor and remember the people who chose to sacrifice for us. Here are some great Memorial Day survival tips for Gold Star families to keep in mind.

The first of the Memorial Day survival tips for Gold Star families deals with making sure that all of the expected items are present. Of course this includes flowers and a card. The biggest mistake that many families make when sending out cards is not to include at least one picture. It’s very comforting to get a glimpse of a smiling face rather than a dried body or caked ground. You can get some great cards online or through your local grocery store at very reasonable prices. Just make sure you send out at least three cards because often they will get answered much quicker this way.

This particular holiday comes during a period of sadness and despair. Since you probably won’t be able to attend the service, you will want to share your condolences to those who will be affected most by your loss. A great way to do this is to create a teddy bear for donation to a favorite charity. This doesn’t require much effort on your part other than having your furry friend designed and printed up. It will make a heartfelt donation that will be enjoyed by the person you donate it to.

If a member of your family has recently passed away or is ill, it’s very important to let them know that you are thinking about them. One of the best Memorial Day survival tips for Gold Star families deals with being considerate of the time that they are spending with their loved ones. Obviously you can use flowers to show you are thinking of them but it’s also okay to call them on the phone and give them a quick phone call just to let them know that you are thinking of them and this is definitely a fine way to show your love. Don’t forget that flowers are beautiful but they don’t have to be tied in bundles either. bouquets of seasonal flowers can look whimsical and vibrant and are a nice way to keep the colors in your garden consistent.

While you are making the tributes and other arrangements, make sure that you do not include any items that could be harmful to the individual receiving them. Many funeral homes will decline items such as candles and stuffed animals due to the fact that these types of items can be dangerous when they come in contact with the skin of an individual who has recently had a serious accident or illness. It’s always best to remove these items before you make the arrangements and order them for the service. You don’t want anyone to be in danger with your beautiful arrangements.

Some people feel that putting flowers on their table is simply too much work. However, it really does not have to be if you plan ahead and make sure that you have enough food and drinks stocked up prior to the service. If you leave food and drinks around the tables after the funeral service, this can help to fill up a table very quickly and makes it easy to serve those in attendance. This is especially nice if you have a long reception line.

For many people, a nice way to make their guests feel at home is to provide them with personalized place settings for their glassware. There are many decorative pots and pans available at craft stores and online, that will make it simple to decorate the tables for the guests. This personal touch can make the event memorable and fun for all those attending as well as the ones leaving. Personalized place settings make a nice addition to any table setting.

These Memorial Day survival tips should help you keep your occasion as nice and tranquil as possible. Remembering the individuals you are giving this gift to is always important and can help to make a more meaningful Memorial Day. So remember, the gift that they will receive from you will last a lifetime.

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