Manvotional: Young Benjamin Franklin’s Plan of Conduct

With the help of his friends and a little bit of luck, Benjamin Franklin creates one simple plan for success.

Benjamin Franklin was a man who has had a lot of accomplishments in his life. He is known for inventing bifocals, the lightning rod, and more. But what did he do? In this article, you will find out about Benjamin Franklin’s plan of conduct. Read more in detail here: what did benjamin franklin do.

Ben Benjamin Franklin working on printing press illustration.

Note from the editor: In 1726, Benjamin Franklin embarked on an 11-week journey from London to Philadelphia. He’d spent some time in England studying the printing trade, and now, at the age of 20, he was ready to come home and start his own firm. Ben was approaching manhood, and his thoughts moved to the kind of man he wanted to be. For the first time in his life, he devised a set of self-improvement guidelines, which he dubbed his “Plan of Conduct.” Soon after, he’d devise a whole program to encourage himself to be more moral.

The Conduct Plan of Benjamin Franklin

Those who write on the art of poetry remind us that if we want to produce anything worth reading, we should always prepare and design our poem before we start writing; otherwise, we risk incongruity. I’m prone to believe it’s the same with life. In my life, I’ve never established a regular design; instead, it’s been a jumbled collection of varied sceneries. I’m about to embark on a new one, so let me make some goals and devise a plan of action so that, from now on, I may live as a reasonable creature in every way.

1. I’ll have to be incredibly thrifty for a while until I’ve paid off what I owe.

2. To strive for honesty in every word and deed — the most pleasant perfection in a rational being; to offer no one unrealistic expectations; and to aim for sincerity in every word and action — the most agreeable excellence in a rational person.

3. To devote myself assiduously to whatever business I undertake, and not to distract my attention away from it with any silly scheme to become immediately wealthy; because effort and patience are the surest paths to wealth.

4. I decide to talk badly of no one, even if it is true; rather, I vow to pardon the flaws I hear others are accused of, and to say all the good I know about everyone on appropriate times.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What was Franklins goal?

A: His goal was to build a flying machine.

What were Franklins interests as a young boy?

A: Franklin enjoyed playing with his friends. He spent a lot of time chasing after beetles, which he thought were funny because they would jump out of the way and then hide when he was nearby.

What is Franklins plan to achieve moral perfection?

A: Franklins plan is to create a society in which no one wants anything they do not need and everyone has more than enough.

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