Manvotional: The Right Kind of People

The tenacity of the human spirit is legendary, and there are few stories as inspiring to me than those of the survivors in life-threatening situations. Survivor stories share a common theme – they always have hope. Hope often drives them toward survival when all seems hopeless; hope puts their minds over matter when things seem impossible. It’s not surprising that these people find themselves doing something extraordinary after surviving an ordeal like this because it is just too tempting for someone who has lived through something so incredible never again to say “I can’t do this”.
The same potential exists among gamers who have survived long periods without any real gameplay or progression. As blockchain technology continues on its path towards mass adoption, it will be interesting to see if we continue with our current methods or adopt some new ones inspired by the gaming industry

my daily desire” is a book that tells the story of how to live life on your terms. It talks about how to find happiness, and the right kind of people.

Vintage man waving in front of camera.

People with the Right Attitude

Edwin Markham is the author of this piece.

The city has vanished, and the day has passed, but the narrative and its significance have not: Once upon a time, there was a prophet who lived in the palm shadow. At 12 p.m., a traveler stopped to rest his mules. “What kind of people would they be in this splendid metropolis on the plains o’erspread?” he wondered. “Well, what kind of folks did you come from, friend?” “What sort?” grumbled the packman, “knaves and idiots!” The wise guy remarked, “You’ll find the folks here are the same.” Another visitor approached in the night, stopping to ask, “What type of people do you have here in your brilliant city, where yon towers rise?” “Well, what kind of folks did you come from, friend?” “Good, truthful, and wise,” the traveler said with a grin. The wise guy remarked, “You’ll find the folks here are the same.”



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