Manvotional: The Bridge Builder

The manvotional series is the world’s first ever survival game. You play as one of six survivors, who must work together to survive against all odds in a post-apocalyptic wasteland riddled with disease and radiation.

“The thousandth man” is a book that has been written by the author, John O’Neill. The book is about how one person can make a difference in their community and the world. Read more in detail here: the thousandth man.

The Builder of Bridges

An elderly guy, traveling alone on a lonely route, arrived in the dusk, chilly and gloomy. To a large, deep, and wide abyss, There was a gloomy tide running through it.

The old man crossed in the faint light of night; the gloomy stream had no fear of him; but once on the other side, he turned around and constructed a bridge to span the tide.

“You are wasting power with construction here, old guy,” a nearby pilgrim commented. “Your trip will stop with the ending day; you will never travel this path again.” You’ve bridged the deep and broad chasm—why are you building this bridge at the end of the day?”

“Good buddy, on the route I have come,” the builder remarked, lifting his old gray head, “there followeth after me today, in the path I have come,” he added. A young person whose feet must travel through this area.

This chasm, which has been meaningless to me, may be a trap for that fair-haired adolescent. He, too, will have to cross in the faint light; kind buddy, I am constructing this bridge for him.”

Dromgoole, Will Allen

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