Manvotional: More Light and Less Noise

An idea that has been circulating among the survivalist community is to make a society without any noise. This would eliminate communication and cause people to have their entire focus on each other in order for them to survive. If you are interested, here’s how this could be achieved with minimal impact on our modern world today.

The “art of manliness” is a blog that covers topics such as self-improvement, masculinity, and more. The blog’s author, Brett McKay has recently released a book called “Manvotional: More Light and Less Noise.”

Abraham Lincoln's portrait.

Yarns and Stories by Abraham Lincoln, 1900

Others who loudly urged that the War be pushed energetically, as well as those who yelled their advice and ideas into his tired ears, but never recommended anything practical, annoyed the President to death. These guys weren’t in the army, and they never had a particular interest in military things, except when it came to avoiding conscription.

“That reminds me of a farmer who got lost on the Western border,” Mr. Lincoln commented one day. As night fell, the embarrassments of his situation were exacerbated by a ferocious storm that erupted in front of him. To make matters worse, his horse had broken down, leaving him vulnerable to the merciless storm’s wrath.

“The thunderclaps were incredible, and the frequent flashes of lightning were the sole guidance on the road as he steadfastly struggled along, guiding his fatigued horse.” In the battle of the elements, the ground appeared to quiver under him. He was knocked to his knees by a single bolt.

“Our traveler was not a pious man, but after being forced into a state of devotion, he addressed himself to the Throne of Grace in the following prayer for deliverance:

“‘Oh, my God!” This time, hear my plea, because Thou knowest that I do not call upon Thee frequently. Moreover, O Lord! Give us a little more light and a little less noise if it’s all the same to Thee.’

“I wish there was a greater inclination on the part of our citizen soldiers to cooperate in destroying the revolt, and a bit less noise as to how and by whom the main executive office should be managed,” the President lamented.

A maxim with far-reaching implications…



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