Manvotional: Albert Jeremiah Beveridge’s The Young Man and the World

This article from the The Young Man and the World is about how to live in a better world. Many people today struggle with what it means to be successful, but Albert Jeremiah Beveridge’s book provides some valuable insight on success that you might not have thought of before.

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We’ve already discussed the benefit of spending time in nature. The contemporary man’s existence, with all of its stress, expectations, and limits, might smother his manhood and sap his strength. We’re reminded of how Nature may assist replenish our bodily and spiritual vitality in this extract from Albert Jeremiah Beveridge’s The Young Man and the World. Now is a terrific time to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors, with the air decreasing and the leaves changing color.


Spend some time with Mother Nature as well. The people and Nature—they alone contain the elemental powers. They are the only ones who aren’t fake and haven’t been drained. A day in the woods will amaze you with how strong you become. I don’t only mean physical strength; I also mean mental acuity and spiritual awareness.

The classic Antus myth is so accurate that it is nearly literal. When he was hurled to the ground, that common mother of us all gave him new vigor, and when he rose, he was as fresh as when he started.

Make friends with the trees by getting to know them. If you have never fostered the company of the woods, this advice may seem far-fetched. But give it a go, and you’ll discover that there is such a thing as becoming friends with the trees. They’ll develop a distinct personality for you.

This is, without a doubt, all in your head. Whatever the case may be, it is beneficial to your health. It makes you more natural, which implies you’re more straightforward, kind, and honest. What could be more relaxing and rejuvenating than standing motionless in a field or forest and listening to the thousands of blended sounds that make up the magnificent symphony that Nature is continually playing on her golden harp’s many strings? Learn to appreciate the tranquility that music provides.

In a nutshell, nurture nature and become close to it. Attempt as hard as you can to persuade Nature to give you what she has for you, just as you try to get Nature to give you what you want in business, and your days and nights will be adorned with a beauty and power that you would have denied existed until you experienced their benefits.

However, you must work for the blessings you get from Nature, as you do for everything worthwhile. You cannot depart your workplace and declare, “Now I will take a ten-minutes’ stroll in the park and commune with Nature.” Nature should not be courted in this manner. She doesn’t throw her favors at your feet until you’ve completely won her over. Then you have unlimited access to all of Nature’s richness and strength, which she bestows on those who love her.



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