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If you’re looking for a movie quote to lift your spirits and remind yourself that you are still alive, here’s one from Kung Fu Panda 3. “We’ll have each other’s backs.”

The “movie quotes about being a man” is a list of movie quotes. The list includes quotes from movies such as “The Matrix”, “Fight Club”, and more.

Marcus Aurelius gladiator giving intense look.

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“I’ll be back,” says the narrator.

“One thing you must ask yourself is, ‘Do I feel lucky?’ “How about you, punk?”

“Are you going to bite or are you going to bark all day, tiny doggie?”

These are just a few examples of typical masculine movie lines that aren’t on our list. This isn’t to argue that the phrases above aren’t manly–they are–but only in a tough guy, show-offy sense. The tale would not have suffered if the character never spoke those words and just returned, as in The Terminator’s case, or took care of the bad guy without saying anything, as in Dirty Harry’s case. It would have been less cool, but the event’s and movie’s outcomes would have stayed the same.

This collection of masculine movie quotations commemorates those words and/or speeches that not only have manly meanings in the real world also suggest strategies to cope with children, enemies, evil, and groupthink, and is compiled in celebration of the impending Oscars. The following are listed in no particular order:

FILM: Miracle


HERB BROOKS SAYS: Wonderful opportunities give birth to great moments. And that, guys, is what you have here tonight. Tonight, that’s what you’ve earned. It’s only one game. They may win 9 out of 10 times if we play them 10 times. This game, however, is different. Tonight is not the night. We’re going to skate with them tonight. We’re staying with them tonight… and we’re shutting them down because we can! We are the best hockey team in the world tonight. Every single one of you was born to play hockey. Tonight was supposed to be your night. It’s your turn to play. THEIR TIME HAS EXPIRED! IT’S FINISHED! I’m sick and tired of hearing how good the Soviets’ hockey team is. THROW THEM OUT! This is your chance; go out and seize it!

THE GAME: At the height of the Cold War, the underdog USA Hockey team has a chance to defeat Russia’s almost invincible team in the Olympics.

THE RESULTS: This speech ignited the passion that propelled Team USA to victory against the vilified Russians.

WHY IT’S MANLY: In 1980, what could have been more manly than beating Communism in its national sport on a global stage? It may be exaggerated to claim that Herb Brooks’ speech led to the victory that led to American confidence, which caused us to feel we might win the Cold War, but it may also be true. For anybody confronting adversity, the phrase “nine times out of ten” is the ultimate male motivation.

Planet of the Apes (movie) (original)


QUOTE: George Taylor: You filthy ape, take your disgusting claws off me!

THE RISK: Humans are treated as slaves in this film’s upside-down society, where apes are the ruling species. Until Charlton Heston came up, that is.


THE RESULTS: The apes were compelled to accept humans’ potential intellect, which flipped their world completely upside down.

WHY IS IT MANLY? What could be more manly than standing out for the whole human race? This phrase branded Taylor as a guy to be feared, and it caused many monkeys to doubt their beliefs. When you can’t take it any longer, you have no choice but to speak out and put everything on the line.



Rocky Balboa, QUOTE: “This child is going to be the greatest kid in the world,” I’d tell your mother as I held you up. This youngster is going to be better than anybody I’ve ever known.” And you grew up to be a lovely person. It was a pleasure to just observe you; every day seemed like a gift. Then came the time for you to stand up for yourself and take on the world, which you did. You, on the other hand, altered somewhere along the way. You ceased to be yourself. You allow others to point a finger in your face and tell you you’re bad. And when things became difficult, you began to hunt for someone or anything to blame, like a large shadow. Allow me to share something with you that you already know. The world isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. It’s a cruel and unforgiving world that, no matter how strong you are, will bring you to your knees and hold you there indefinitely if you let it. Nobody, not you, not me, not anybody, is going to strike you as hard as life. It’s not about how hard you hit, however. It’s all about how challenging you can make it while still going ahead. How much can you absorb and yet go forward? That’s the way it’s done! If you know what you’re worth, now is the time to go out and grab it. But you have to be prepared to take the blows rather than pointing fingers and claiming that you aren’t where you want to be because of him, her, or anybody! That’s what cowards do, and you’re not one of them! You’re more capable than that! Whatever happens, I’ll always adore you. Whatever the case may be. You’re both my son and my blood. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve ever met. But you won’t have a life unless you start believing in yourself. Remember to pay a visit to your mum.

THE GAME: Rocky is witnessing his kid grow up to be a finger-pointing coward after all he’s gone through. Rocky’s son, like many of his age, prefers to blame others for his bad luck instead of taking responsibility for his own actions and decisions. Rocky can’t stand by and see his kid choose that path.

THE END RESULT: Rocky instills confidence in his kid and teaches him the importance of taking responsibility and being one’s own person.

WHAT MAKES IT Macho: There’s nothing more manly than showing your kid how to be a man.

Crimson Tide (movie)

Mr. Hunter, we have rules that are not open to interpretation, personal intuition, gut emotions, hairs on the back of your neck, tiny demons or angels sitting on your shoulder, and we have rules that are not open to interpretation. We’re all well aware of what our commands are and what they imply. They are sent by our Commander-in-Chief. There is no uncertainty about them. Captain… Hunter: Mr. Hunter, Captain Ramsey. I’ve made my choice. This boat’s captain is me. SHUT THE F*CK UP NOW!


THE RISK: An armed nuclear submarine from the United States may or may not have been given instructions to fire its missiles and ignite World War III. Captain Ramsey, portrayed by Gene Hackman, feels he has instructions, although his second in command, Denzel Washington, does not. Hackman, like any other leader, will not accept disobedience. While losing your calm is seldom macho, it is sometimes vital to show who is in charge.

THE END RESULT: Captain Ramsey incites Hunter to mutiny, resulting in a protracted struggle of wills over whether or not the submarine is authorized to deploy. The order was never issued, and WWIII was averted, but Ramsey’s bulldog leadership style has caused the Navy to reconsider its nuclear launch policy.

WHY IT’S MANLY: With the destiny of the planet in his hands, Captain Ramsey will not tolerate any dissension among his crew. Ramsey doesn’t have to worry about being politically correct on a nuclear submarine, unlike many of us who have had to deal with problematic coworkers. He says what many of us would want to say in our own rendition of this event, only he says it to justify the orders he has to basically destroy the world as we know it. It takes a lot of guts to trust in your own beliefs on that level.

Gladiator is a film about a gladiator who fights for his life.


QUOTE: “Maximus,” says the narrator. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, leader of the Northern Armies, General of the Felix Legions, and devoted servant of Marcus Aurelius, the genuine emperor. He is the father of a deceased boy and the spouse of a murdered wife. And whether it’s in this life or the next, I’ll have my retribution.

THE GAME: After Commodus has robbed Maximus of his whole existence, he confronts him for the first time on the Colosseum floor. Maximus’ whole survival, as well as the existence of Rome, is in jeopardy.

THE RESULTS: Maximus instills dread in Commodus and offers hope to the Senate and the Roman people that the dream of Rome will one day be realized.

WHY IS IT Masculine: It is always manly to stand up to a terrible, worthless ruler who is pushing the world’s largest empire into the toilet. Furthermore, Maximus’ phrase accomplishes the triple crown by showing that he is alive, enraged, and that he would exact his retribution, whether in this life or the next.


Frank Campana, QUOTE: Take a look at me! Take a look at me! Brendan, what brings us here? What brings us here? Is this a war that we want to win? You tell me, because if we’re not, I’m going to call it quits right now. We’ll pick up Tess and return home. If you don’t knock him out, the battle is over. Do you get what I’m saying? If you don’t knock him out, you’ll be homeless.

THE GAME: Brendan, a retired UFC fighter, is being pounded in a nationally broadcast tournament for a large sum of money by the best mixed martial artist alive. He’s been dismissed from his work, is going to lose his home, is broke, and is responsible for his wife and kids. Between rounds, his trainer, Campana, reminds him of all he’s fighting for.


THE RESULTS: Brendan fights back to overcome Koba, who is immensely terrifying. There’s no need to spoil the movie’s finale for those who haven’t watched it yet; suffice to say, Brendan has a happy ending.

WHY IT’S MANLY: With the present situation of our economy, there are a million Brendans out there that would give everything to be able to solve all of their problems in one fell swoop. This tournament is Brendan’s to lose. He is a huge underdog, yet he stands to lose much more than any other combatant. Brendan accepts the challenge after his lifelong trainer reminds him of what’s at risk if he fails. Nothing could be more macho than earning enough money to rescue his home and family.



PATTON, THE QUOTE: Now I want you to remember that no knucklehead has ever won a war by sacrificing himself for his country. He gained it by forcing the other poor dunderhead to die in the name of his nation.

THE IMPLICATIONS: Without exaggerating, the fate of World War II was on the line at the time of this remark.

THE RESULTS: The United States did not suffer a defeat in World War II. Obviously, Patton’s renowned tough and effective speech was not the sole factor in the United States’ success, but it motivated the individuals who went on to lead the country to victory.

WHY IT’S MANLY: Patton was a divisive figure, to say the least, yet he led the United States Third Army to take more enemy prisoners and liberate more enemy land in a shorter period of time than any other army in history. You can’t achieve it unless you know how to energise people under your leadership. No matter how you slice it, leading soldiers into combat to preserve freedom and the American way is macho.

What are some of your favorite underappreciated masculine movie quotes? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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