Survival cards are a very important part of any emergency kit and ours is no exception. We have had many “natural disasters” in our home and none of them have been bad enough to warrant having survival kits. However, the lack of preparedness is not really the fault of these kits; it’s more a matter of being unprepared. There was a time when we did not even bother to consider stocking survival cards because we were so used to life “normal.” The truth is that we have all of those survival “gear” but they are so commonplace and unimportant that we have given them almost a “deck seat.” These little cards are a great way to bring some excitement back to your wilderness survival efforts.

Some “precautions” for your survival cards might be something as simple as this: Don’t forget your titanium survival cards! Remember when I told you that I made my own survival gear? Well now they can be seen in the wilds of Mexico by ranchers who are forced to defend their livelihood from big game animals like coyotes. Each card has a story to tell of what it’s done for the individual (if there are any humans among us reading this) who wore it. There are many different survival situations you can put a survival card into that have real world applications.

For instance, one of the things I carry on my person at all times is my very own pair of survival cards and needle, and I have them stitched to my belt. I use them whenever I feel like having a little light on my fingertips. The little bow on the arrowheads gives me a little extra “life” each time I use them. It’s nice to have your survival gear stitched right to your belt and not have to worry about losing your stuff.

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If you’re in a survival situation where you need to improvise a little bit with your survival gear and tools, consider collecting some of your friends together. Put together small boxes of string and drawers of safety pins and string them up with your survival cards. Staple them together with the safety pins in a ziplock baggy style. Then, put together some more of your friends’ items and put those in too. Make sure you store the excess string and pins in some kind of watertight container. Your goal is to create as much of your own originality as possible!

Another way you could use your survival card and its tiny but strong needle is for sewing arrows. It’s really simple to make an arrowhead out of a survival card. All you need is a needle and thread. You can draw the arrowheads out of your card, cut them out with your Dead Straight Sewing Needles, glue them onto your thread and then thread your needle through the arrows. Your arrowheads will be a life-line for you when there are no other survivors!

The point of your survival card is to provide a clue as to your location and that is where your sewing needles come into play. Sewing your own arrowheads out of your survival kit is actually pretty easy. First, if you have your survival card and know where to find your needle, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is pick up the needle you found on your survival card and run it through the length of the needle. After you’ve made your arrowheads, use some glue and stick them onto your sewing needles or thread.

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The next time you need some added variety in your cooking or survival kit, you could try creating your own emergency food. To make this food, all you need is a few bags of steel nuts, some sliced ham, some canned fruit (i.e., grapes or melons), and an empty can or two of milk. If you’re going to include the can of milk, you’ll need to buy some bulk packed milk and empty can or two. Now all you have to do is glue the nuts onto your can of milk and into place over your sapling and insert the stainless construction core into the can of milk.

Your survival cards should be a piece of cake once you get them glued on. For extra added effect, consider using a colored pencil and writing messages around your perimeter on your survival card. Then either use a marker to write your name and your location on the inside of the card, or if you prefer, tape your message onto the outside of your card with your sewing needle.

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