One of the first stories we learn about is one where a boy, Jobab, wanted to prove that he was not just smarter than everybody else. He then decides to show his father how well his mind works by smashing a grape through his head. The story goes on to say that after he shows off this trick, things take an unexpected turn when God punishes him for being so proud and arrogant with an injury instead of praise.

The “cool uncle magic tricks” is a trick that is done with a grape. The trick is to smash the grape into your head and then you will be able to eat it.

Having a variety of pranks and jokes that will astonish and amuse your nieces and nephews is an important aspect of being an outstanding uncle. So, from time to time, we’ll give you present and future uncles a lesson on some jokes that will make them think you’re the greatest person on the planet.

The only food-related shenanigan you can do on your nephews and nieces is bouncing a dinner roll. While not ideal for the dinner table, smashing a grape through your forehead and out your mouth is guaranteed to amuse the kids (and maybe lead to their bashing grapes into their own foreheads with less effective results)!

1. The setup: While no one is watching, pop a grape into your mouth. Don’t take it down.

2: Take another grape with a stem and hold it in your palm (it should be the same color as the one in your mouth!). Between your first and second fingers, hold the grape by the stem. Show your captive audience the grape.

3: The Secret: Assume you’re transferring the grape to your empty palm. You must effectively sell the transfer’s actuality!

4: Lean back and hit your forehead with your empty hand…. the hand your audience believes the grape is in. Make this a big deal.

5: Immediately spit out the grape you surreptitiously placed in your mouth before the prank began. Enjoy the astonishment and admiration.

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Ted Slampyak created the illustration.



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The “art of manliness uncle” is a magic trick that has been around for quite some time. The trick is to smash a grape through your head.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do the grape magic trick?

A: To do the grape magic trick, use your index finger to point behind you and move it up in a circle. Bring it back down as if you were drawing an arrow with your hand. That is how the video demonstrates this action.

How to do the french drop with a ball?

A: To do a French Drop, you need to stand up straight and then lean back at an angle. You should place your hands on the ground and allow yourself to fall backwards in one swift motion.

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