Locked Out of Your Car? 3 Ways to Unlock Your Doors

If you’ve ever gotten locked out of your car, you know how helpless it can feel. But don’t worry! We found three potential solutions to get yourself back on the road without breaking a sweat.

If you have locked your keys in your car, there are 3 ways to unlock the doors. The first is to use a coat hanger, the second is to break the window with a brick and the third is to call a locksmith.

Locking your keys in your vehicle is one of those stupid things we all do from time to time. Mistakes happen, no matter how knowledgeable or cautious you are. Knowing how to get back into your automobile without having to hire a locksmith is a way to make up for your thoughtless mistake. There are various techniques you may attempt to get back into your vehicle, depending on the sort of door locks your car has and the equipment and materials you have on hand. Three of these strategies are highlighted below. 

Only autos with post-style door locks may use the string technique. Furthermore, it only works on post door locks with a little knob on top that can be gripped by a knot. You’re in luck if this is your automobile and you have some string.

The Rod and Wedge Method

Illustration of Wedge and Rod Method to unlock a car.

The wedge and rod approach is most successful on contemporary vehicles with automatic door locks or buttons along the door’s armrest, but it’s also the most likely to harm your door if done incorrectly. When wedgeing the door open, be careful not to put too much pressure on the window, which might cause it to crack.

The Hanger Approach 

Illustration of hanger method to unlock a car.

Getting into your automobile with a hanger is one of the most traditional methods. It’s particularly useful for older automobiles when used in conjunction with the approach outlined below, but it may also be used as a rod in conjunction with the wedge and rod method mentioned above.

Method for Strings

1: Make a slipknot in the center of a six-foot-long length of strong string or paracord.

2: Using a thin piece of metal or wood, pry open the door slightly at the top corner and slide the knot into the automobile.

3: Work the ends of the string over the top and sides of the door until the slipknot is positioned over the door lock’s post.

4: Tighten your slipknot around the lock post by pulling both ends of the rope. Pull up and unlock your vehicle once it’s safe.

Method with a Wedge and a Rod

1: Place a wedge or doorstop under the top corner of your automobile door and gently tap it in to separate the door from the body of your vehicle.

2: Reach through the gap with a straightened coat hanger or long rod to activate the car’s automatic door lock switch.

Using a hanger

1: Bend the straight side of the hanger into a sharp hook by separating it at the hook.

2: Place the hook under the weatherstripping on the bottom of your vehicle window and into the door immediately above the handle.

3: Pull up and rotate the hanger so that the hook is facing you. It can take a few tries to catch the door lock mechanism, but once you do, the lock will be activated, and you’ll be inside.

Ted Slampyak created the illustrations.



A locked car is a problem that many people face. This guide will show you how to unlock your car with a screwdriver in three different ways. Reference: how to unlock a car door with a screwdriver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unlock a car door without a key?

A: Check your pockets. If you find a key in there, its possible to unlock using the keyhole.

How do you unlock a car door when youve locked yourself out?

A: There are a few ways you can do this. You could unlock the car door using your key, use an opener to get in, or break out one of the windows on either side of your car with something like a screwdriver if theyre fortified enough.

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