If you are a motorcyclist, then Lockdown survival tips for the motoring enthusiast – Holden Vintage could be right for you. All of us who have travelled in cars and vans are aware of the potential dangers that we face while travelling. There are minor and major risks to be considered. And, when faced with emergency situations, the possibility of being locked out of our vehicle increases manifold.

What is meant by ‘locking’ here? It’s all about locking the doors of your vehicle in case of a burglary or any emergency. The locking mechanism can be either a secondary action – like the thumb turn that locks the doors of the glove box – or it could be one of the emergency locks that most of us are familiar with. The emergency locks are those that automatically lock the doors of your car in the case of extreme emergency such as engine failure or a flat tire.

The most common security measure that we employ to keep away thieves is to make our vehicles very difficult to steal. Simple theft can be prevented if we use a locking system on our vehicle. But what if the time comes when we need to lock our vehicles in an emergency situation? The best security measures for a motoring enthusiast are those that will help you stay safe inside the car while it is locked.

As far as security measures go, using airbags is probably one of the most important. Airbags come in many varieties and offer different levels of protection depending on what you aim to achieve. You can opt to have only the driver airbag, or you can opt for the entire passenger airbag – this is advised only for those who travel long distances on their vehicles. Even if you have a standard seat, if you choose the passenger option, it is wise to make sure that the airbag is fitted.

When we are locked inside a car, we cannot just focus on one point like the airbags. The entire passenger compartment must be included in the lockdown procedures. One of the advantages of using airbags is that they can inflate with a push of a button. This means that in the case of an emergency, you will not have to worry about having to pump air in order to bring the bag up to its maximum size.

There are a number of other lockdown survival tips for the motoring enthusiast, which can be followed in order to stay as safe as possible in an emergency situation. If there is a chance that windows have been broken, the person locked out of the vehicle must try and get into the driver’s side from the inside. If a door has been left open, the person inside the vehicle must get out from the car and lock the door behind them.

In the event of the car rolling over, there are a number of emergency steps that the person inside the vehicle should take. The first is to raise the car from the ground using the steering wheel. It is important that the person raises the car from the ground so that the tyres are not damaged. They should also try and roll the car over towards a flat area in order to reduce the damage done to the roof. In the event of the car jumping out of a gate or fence, the passengers should try and raise the car as high as possible. It is important that the car is not driven away from the gate.

When emergency services arrive, it is important that the passengers to remain calm and do not panic. There are a number of lock-downs that can occur in an emergency situation, and it is advisable to remain calm and collected. The emergency services will be working closely alongside members of the public and it is essential to remember that all locks within the community need to be examined to ensure that they have been completely operational.

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