List The Important Preps That You Have or Would Like To Have

I’m sitting here thinking about my dissections, which I do from time to time to assess my preparedness.

We all know the main categories of rules: Protection, safety, water, food and. God bless you! But there are so many more subgroups (and more) to get into.

A person’s state of readiness can be as small or as big a problem as you want to solve.

Sometimes there are limiting factors like time, money, space, circumstances; but you do the best you can given your situation.

I thought it would be interesting for us to make a list of the most important or just plain prefaces we own (or want to own).

Everyone has their own opinions, priorities and concerns. So don’t be intimidated by what someone else might say if it’s different from yours.

I looked at an older article that also asked readers to list the most important prefaces. I have captured the essence of your comments and listed some of them in the following alphabetical order.

All this is intended to provide food for thought.

List of conditions

Learning and adaptability
Agricultural land
Electricity and alternative generators
Antibiotics : Infections can be fatal.
AdaptationBattery chargers: (the best in the Faraday cage), solar charger, electric charger and zero solar charger for electronicsBiblesBooks (help with preparation)TroubleshootingCamping trailers (for small local insects, fire, chemicals, flooding, etc)Camping equipmentCandlesClothing : Waterproof clothing, multi-layer, all-weather, sewing aids
Common sense
Communication : Amateur radio, CB, AM/FM/SW
Communications: portable two-way radios
Community : Like a community of reasonable cooks: Various non-electric cooking methods
Cooking: portable charcoal grill with charcoal and liquid, corresponds to
Cooking : Wood stove, rocket stove, any stove without electricity
Security (and alarms)
Surveillance drone
Emergency/solar radios
Agricultural equipment
Fire extinguisher sources (multiple)
First aid and trauma kits
Fishing pole and equipment
Food supplies : Miscellaneous: Canned, frozen, dehydrated, jarred, vacuum packed, etc…..
Food: from gardens, small orchards and forage
garden tools
garden tools
Knives and whetstone
Medicines, (kits, drugs)
Solar powered micro-lights
Traffic lights
Paper towels
Propane, propane tanks
Rain barrel, Drainage system
Repair of machinery, (tire repair, home, vehicle, hand and power tools)
Weapons and bullets tools and knowledge
Safety and knowledge of their use
Security cameras
Seed vault – legacy shelter
: Ability to accommodate other family members in a crisis
Money (alternative currency)
Sixth sense (situational awareness)
Skills and knowledge of farming, gardening, and most household needs
Sleeping bags
Soap and disinfectant
Social skills
Solar energy system
Survival library
Toilet paper
Tools : Axe, saw, hammer, nails, etc.д.
The tools: Miscellaneous non-electric tools
vehicle : Universal WELL vehicle with additional fuel
water : Hand pump for spring water
: Bottles, Burkey filters, Sawyer Mini, deep well with generator, many 5 gallon containers of water
: Purification equipment (multiple and replacement filters)
Water : Storage tanks
water :
Waterproof bag for important documents
Weapons: (short range crossbow/rifle, pistols, medium and small range rifles, long range shotguns)
Weather radio alarm
Firewood for wood stove

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