Lightning & EMP Vehicle Protection – Easy Installation

EMP sign for your car. It’s good insurance. Whether you’re worried about the potential effects of EMP or lightning, this easy-to-install lightning rod on your vehicle will help alleviate the problem.

There are no guarantees in life. What I mean is that the best we can do is what we think is best. Doing nothing, well, that’s a choice too. So this EMP-Shield surge protector for your car is like a car insurance against theft, burglary or accident … except against the effects of EMP or lightning. Protect your car’s electronics, computer and computer chips to keep them working.

Overvoltage protection for your vehicle

I want to have the best chance of getting my car systems home working, or to wherever I want to go now or later.

Sometimes we go on long trips. Sometimes a camper is attracted to it. This extra protection helps calm the nerves. While the probability of a PEM event may seem small (but the consequences large), nearby lightning strikes are much more likely and can have very significant consequences….

Maybe you think your car is like a Faraday cage and you are protected. Maybe that’s only partly true. A lot depends on… Also: How much plastic is in today’s cars? There are numerous openings through which EMP/high voltage pulses can enter and damage electronic systems.

This is where the EMP shield comes in. I’ve been promoting them for a while now. And for good reason. They have been very successful in PEM and lightning protection and are well certified.

Look, right in front of you, I’m telling you, it’s not cheap. That part is up to you, whoever you’re reading this to. However, I recommend that you consider surge protection in your car as an additional insurance policy to keep your wheels on the road.

To install an EMP and lightning protection device on your vehicle


The installation is simple. Three lines: Green, red, black. Green goes to the bottom of the landing gear. Red to the positive battery terminal. From the black terminal to the negative terminal of the battery. The video above shows the surge protector and where and how it is installed in the engine compartment.

How does the EMP screen work?

That’s what I love about the EMP board. The device starts blocking in 0.5 nanosecond, complete blocking in 1 nanosecond (10-⁹ seconds)! Theoretically it is fast enough for an E1 EMI pulse in the worst case.

The EMP display can view and protect all electronic devices and appliances connected to your electrical system :

This is done by bypassing (short-circuiting) the span in the line…. The EMP shield detects power surges and protects your electrical system.

Because the maneuver is incredibly fast (500 trillionths of a second), the wave is directed away from the equipment before the voltage can get high enough to damage the equipment. We call this new technology SightSpeed™. It ensures that no heat is generated in the electrical system, protecting all electronics connected to the system.

~ from the manufacturer

If you’re interested, see for yourself. Go to their auto protection page. You also have protection for other items, including your home.

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frequently asked questions

Why does lightning appear in the sky?

Lightning often occurs between or in clouds. … As the storm moves along the ground, a strong negative charge in the cloud attracts positive charges in the ground. These positive charges travel upwards to the highest objects such as trees, telephone poles and houses.

What are the 4 types of lightning?

Types of lightning | TheWeather Club

What causes lightning?

Lightning is an electrical discharge caused by an imbalance between thunderstorm clouds and the ground or within the clouds themselves. Most lightning occurs in clouds. … This heat causes the surrounding air to expand and vibrate rapidly, creating the thunder we hear shortly after seeing lightning.

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