Learn How to Juggle in 6 Easy Steps

Juggling is a skill that requires practice and patience. With the right knowledge, you can learn how to juggle in six easy steps. These instructions will show you how to master this popular activity while making sure your safety comes first!.

Learning how to juggle a soccer ball is not easy, but with these six steps it can be done.

Illustrated guide in six frames of a man in a blue polo shirt learning to juggle, first, with one ball in one hand, advancing through the six stages until he is juggling three balls and smiling.

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Cool uncle tricks come in different shapes and sizes, but what really characterizes one is a teachable ability that is both entertaining to see and perform, and that appears to be true magic when a child first sees it. Juggling is a great way to add variety to one’s cool uncle repertoire. It’s also an excellent skill to teach children. Even Niels Duinker, the Netherlands’ comedic juggling wunderkind and world record holder, began to juggle balls as a toddler.

There are several approaches to learning to juggle. You may have learnt to juggle scarves in elementary school, but most professional jugglers advise against it. While it allows you to “juggle” rapidly, it doesn’t teach you the fundamental abilities needed to properly juggle more conventional things like balls, bowling pins, or, better yet, blazing torches! 

The preceding step-by-step approach begins with the principles of the cascade pattern, which is the most fundamental sort of juggling and an excellent place to begin. Learning in this manner may take longer and seem more unpleasant at first, but the outcomes are lot more consistent. Basically, you start small and slow with one ball in your dominant hand (it doesn’t matter if it’s your right or left hand; just follow the instructions), incorporating all of the techniques you’ll need when you graduate to 3-ball juggling, such as keeping the ball just above eye level on your tosses and getting your non-dominant hand comfortable. Then you go to a second ball, then a third ball, and eventually a fourth ball, at which time you’ll be executing the “three-ball cascade.” To put it another way, the stages outlined below are the primary milestones in learning to juggle. Do not go to the next stage unless you are entirely confident in the skill you have just acquired. 

Balls or bean bags are excellent choices for your first juggling class. You should avoid using anything that is overly light or bouncy. Objects that are too light are more difficult to capture, and you’ll spend the most of your time running after bouncing tennis balls. Expect to drop things a lot in the beginning, no matter what you use; it’s all part of the process of polishing your circus-ready skill.

Ted Slampyak created the artwork.


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Juggling is not just a skill that you can learn in one day. It takes time and practice to get good at it. This article will teach you how to juggle in 6 easy steps. Reference: best way to learn to juggle.

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How can I teach myself to juggle?

A: This is a tricky question to answer. There are many different skills that you can learn and develop with practice, such as juggling or learning music theory, but this would be difficult for me to teach without knowing what your individual goals are. If you know how long it took to master something like multiplication tables on your first try when you started school, then I could probably give some tips about improving speed of skill acquisition in the future!

How do you juggle easy steps?

A: First, you need to find a balance between your work and personal life. Second, it is important to be organized in order to make the best use of time. Thirdly, eat healthy food!

How do you juggle 6?

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