Lantac Bc-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch

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The Lantac BC-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch offers a range of features designed to improve the performance and reliability of your AR rifle.

It’s easy to install, and its superior construction ensures durability for years to come.

For anyone looking to upgrade their firearm’s bolt catch, this product is an ideal choice.

This article will explore the many benefits of the Lantac BC-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch in greater detail.

We’ll look at how it enhances shooting accuracy, improves magazine changes and reloading speed, and extends the life of your weapon.

We’ll also provide insight into its installation process, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s right for you.

Overview Of The Lantac Bc-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch

The Lantac BC-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch is a high-performance, 17-4 PH stainless steel product designed to provide enhanced corrosion resistance. It is engineered to exceed the specifications of standard bolt catches and provides an optimal fit for most AR platform rifles.

The precision machined bolt catch offers extreme durability in any environment and can be used with any mil-spec lower receiver assembly. The BC-Pro upgraded bolt catch has been tested extensively in harsh conditions and shows excellent performance when faced with dust, dirt, mud or water exposure.

Its highly polished surface ensures smooth operation of the safety selector while its extended release lever makes it easier to engage than traditional designs. Additionally, this bolt catch features additional material at key points which eliminates chip outs that may occur during installation and improves overall reliability compared to other products on the market today.

This robust yet lightweight design also adds minimal weight to your rifle setup making it ideal for use in competitive shooting environments where every ounce matters. With its superior quality construction, enhanced corrosion resistance and improved ergonomics, the Lantac BC-Pro Upgrade Bolt Catch is sure to meet all of your needs whether you’re looking for increased performance in competition or just want reliable parts for your next build.

Design And Construction

The Lantac BC-Pro is an enhanced bolt carrier group that brings a level of precision and performance to the table. It’s crafted from 17-4 ph stainless steel for superior durability, with a sleek profile designed for optimized efficiency in AR15 rifles.

The improved design features an enlarged bolt release paddle, offering faster reloads and increased reliability when compared to traditional designs. In addition to its ergonomic benefits, the BC-Pro also offers improved accuracy due to its reduced friction against the receiver walls.

This makes it ideal for competitive shooting or any situation where high levels of precision are paramount. Its tight tolerances ensure consistent cycling without compromising on smoothness or reliability. From professional shooters to casual hobbyists, the Lantac BC-Pro provides a reliable solution that can be trusted in every scenario.

Thanks to advanced engineering techniques and top quality materials, this upgraded bolt catch stands out as a premier choice among those who demand the best.

Enhanced Durability

The lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch is built to last. It features a mil-spec bolt catch made from 17-4 ph stainless steel, making it significantly more durable than the standard AR-15 bolt catch assembly.

This increased durability also extends to its bolt carrier and lock button, which are designed with longevity in mind. This upgraded bolt catch will be able to handle even the most rugged conditions.

Not only does it have an improved resistance to wear and tear over time, but also offers better shock absorption capabilities as well – ensuring that your rifle can withstand all kinds of abuse without compromising on performance or reliability.

The combination of superior build quality and materials make this new bolt catch an absolute must-have for any serious shooter looking for reliable parts they can count on.

Unlike other aftermarket upgrades, the lantac bc-pro comes preassembled and ready to install directly onto your weapon system – no modifications required! With its impressive construction, you won’t need to worry about regular maintenance or replacing worn out components anytime soon either – saving you both time and money down the road.

Improved Cycling Action

The lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch is a game changer for the manufacturing industry. Its investment casting process allows it to accurately replicate existing mil-spec bolt catches while offering superior performance, making it an absolute must have in any shop.

With its patented BC-PRO catch and bolt catch buffer technology, this product is truly ahead of its time. To begin with, the BC-PRO catch helps to reduce wear on both the receiver and firing pin by allowing for smooth cycling action throughout each shot cycle. This reduced friction also helps improve overall accuracy and consistency when shooting semi automatic or full auto rifles.

Additionally, the BC-PRO catch features an improved hammer impact surface that increases durability over standard mil-spec parts and ensures reliable operation even under harsh conditions. Finally, the integrated bolt catch buffer works to decrease felt recoil for shooters as well as reducing wear on other critical components such as extractors and ejectors.

By decreasing these two factors together, users can enjoy more comfortable shooting sessions without having to worry about costly repairs down the line from excessive wear due to frequent use. All in all, the Lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch provides customers with increased reliability and durable performance at an affordable price point—making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to upgrade their rifle setup.

Corrosion Resistance

The lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch offers improved cycling action, and it is also designed for enhanced corrosion resistance.

This mil-spec bolt catch spring comes with a forged receiver that increases durability to provide reliable performance in any condition.

Additionally, the onyx receiver sets are made from roll pins of high strength steel to create an advanced level of corrosion protection.

Manufactured by LANTAC USA LLC, this upgraded bolt catch has been tested extensively to ensure its effectiveness against rust and other elements.

The stainless steel material used ensures that even after long exposure to harsh conditions, the product remains unaffected and continues to perform at optimal levels.

All components have undergone multiple rounds of testing in order to guarantee their quality before being released into the market.

The lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch provides excellent corrosion protection thanks to its sophisticated design and use of premium materials.

Its reliability makes it perfect for both recreational shooting as well as tactical operations where maximum efficiency is required.

With proper care and maintenance, this durable piece of equipment will serve you well for years to come.

Installation And Maintenance

The Lantac BC-Pro is a great choice for users looking to upgrade their mil-spec bolt catch. Its precision CNC machining allows it to fit perfectly into most receivers, and its improved design makes it more durable than the factory standard.

Here are some of the features that make this expensive bolt catch well worth the money:

  • Increased strength & durability – The BC-PRO has been designed with increased material thickness in all critical areas, making it stronger and longer lasting than its original counterpart.
  • Improved pivot capability – Thanks to an enlarged pivot hole, you can now use larger diameter pins without any issues. Plus, the inclusion of a pivot detent ensures your pin stays secure no matter what conditions you’re using your rifle in.
  • Enhanced ergonomics – This upgraded bolt catch features enhanced finger grooves which help ensure positive engagement every time you activate or release the latch – even when wearing gloves!

By upgrading your bolt catch with the Lantac BC-PRO, you’ll be getting an incredibly robust component that will provide reliable operation over many years of use. Investing in this premium part means fewer trips back to the gunsmith shop and more time shooting on range day.

Pros And Cons

The lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch is nothing short of revolutionary. With its precision manufacturing, this product has become a staple in the firearms industry, allowing users to finally feel secure and confident when handling their weapon. From the pivot pin all the way down to the levers and springs, every detail on this bolt catch was crafted with utmost attention for maximum performance.

When it comes to product descriptions, you can’t go wrong with the lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch. Not only does it come equipped with an array of features that make shooting more comfortable and enjoyable, but it also looks great too! The sleek design ensures that your gun looks as good as it works while providing superior functionality far beyond what traditional products offer.

Product imagery speaks volumes about a company’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship; luckily, there is no shortage of pictures illustrating just how incredible this upgraded bolt catch really is. From close up shots highlighting intricate details to full images showcasing its impressive size and stature, it’s easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with this amazing firearm accessory.

In summary: anyone looking for top-of-the-line performance should consider investing in the lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch. With precise manufacturing techniques, a variety of helpful features, attractive visuals, and unbeatable reliability – this product is sure to exceed expectations time after time.

Price And Availability

The Lantac BC-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch is an impressive upgrade to the standard bolt catch.

Now, let’s talk about price and availability.

The good news is that this bolt catch isn’t too expensive. It can be purchased for a reasonable premium price. As with most items of this type, shipping fees may apply depending on where you live.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding purchasing one of these items, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email address].

Backordered items are sometimes a reality when it comes to specialty parts like this, but we strive to keep our stock as up-to-date as possible so you won’t have to wait around for something you need right away:

• Price – Reasonable Premium Price + Shipping Fees (if applicable)

• Availability – Generally In Stock

• Contact Us – Email Us At [Email Address]

• Warranty – Generally 6 Month Warranty (depending on the part)

Final Thoughts

The lantac bc-pro upgraded bolt catch is a great addition to any AR-15 or LR-308 rifle. It provides improved accuracy and reliability over the standard model, thanks to its hardened steel construction and internal roll pin design.

This upgrade comes with a durable spring that ensures smooth operation of the bolt release technique. We also include an accurizing wedge for your convenience at our price list. All these components are designed from high-grade materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Here’s a rundown of all the elements included in this package:

  • Bolt Catch Spring – LR-308 Steel Matte List Price
  • Bolt Release Technique – Accurizing Wedge AR-15 Our Price
  • Roll Pin – AR-15 List Price

By upgrading with the lantac bc-pro, you can be sure that your rifle will perform reliably without sacrificing on accuracy or durability. This product is backed by our satisfaction guarantee so feel free to give it a try if you’re looking to improve your shooting performance!


In conclusion, the Lantac BC-Pro Upgraded Bolt Catch is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade their rifle.

It’s very durable, with improved cycling action and corrosion resistance that’ll make it stand up to whatever you throw at it.

With its modern design and construction, this bolt catch will have your gun feeling like new in no time flat.

The price tag may be a bit steep but trust me – it’s worth every penny when you consider all the benefits of having an upgraded part on your firearm.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and snag yourself one of these bad boys today!

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