A Hardened Structures reminder of 20 basic survival preparation tips can keep anyone safe in any situation. Some basic survival tips are basic but very helpful, especially in an emergency or disaster. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find these survival tools and equipment?” there are several places to look. If your area is pre-planned and prepared, all you have to do is find the best retailers of the supplies and equipment. Here’s a short list of some great locations for finding the best survival gear and resources.

Your local stores should be one of the first places you check out. You may not want to go out of your home to the middle of the woods to get supplies, but stores are often a good place to start. Often, your town or city has a supply store, so there’s no need to go out of your community. Stores will often have their own selection of the items you may need. Plus, if there are a lot of stores close together, you may be able to get a better price.

Home improvement stores are another good option. If you know a shop or two that offers outdoor supplies and equipment, they may have the items you need. They often run sales, so you can save some money on your purchase.

Outlet stores are a great place to look. Department and hardware stores often run sales on their supplies. They may have some of the items you want, but you’ll probably have to wait for them to come in. Stores offer a wide variety of items. You can get flashlights and torches, flashlights that have batteries and cords, first aid kits, and more.

Going to a sporting goods store is another option. Many stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart have sporting goods sections. These stores carry things you may not be able to find at other stores. Plus, you’ll probably find the same prices as you would at other stores.

If you don’t have any luck at the stores listed above, you can look online. There are numerous websites dedicated to selling equipment, supplies, and items. The benefit is you can comparison shop and get the items you need at the best prices. You may even be able to get free shipping if you spend a certain amount.

Remember to make sure you are carrying plenty of water. This can keep you from getting sick and dehydrated. You also should have some food on hand, but make sure it’s not too advanced. It should have some food that’s easily digested and isn’t too difficult to prepare. You should have a flashlight with some extra batteries, a compass, and a weatherproof blanket.

When you’re out in the woods and you encounter hardened structures, you should have some way to make them easy to remove. It can be a little annoying, but make sure you do it. It may take a little work, but it will be worth it if you can avoid having to spend a lot of time repairing them. Make sure you remember these survival tips for hardened structures.

Always know where your path is leading you. This can come in handy in many situations. For instance, if you’re lost in a wilderness area and you can’t find your way back to civilization, make sure you have a way to signal that you’re there and you need help. You could hang a homemade flag or something similar from a tree branch above you or leave a brightly colored flag behind. You can also use chutes that attach to the top of whatever object you’re attaching to.

If you’re lost in a strange place, try eating some berries that grow in that specific area. These will provide you with some much needed nutrition. If you can, try drinking some mud. You don’t need to go through the trouble of extracting it from its own body because there’s no clean way to do that. Just muck around in the mud and eat what comes out.

Once you’re feeling safe, try to cross a bridge that spans a ravine. If it’s not stable, then try to climb a rock face. Either way, be sure that the surface you’re climbing on is level. Don’t just assume that it’s flat. Falling off is one of the most common ways to get hurt in the wilderness. So be extra careful.

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