It’s time to ‘Keep it Light’. Whether a birthday, holiday, new baby or just a change of pace, it is time to let the world know you’re there and you have something new to offer. You’ve got family and friends to celebrate with, so let ’em come to you. Here are some ‘Keep it light’ survival tips for any party.

First, keep it short and sweet. There isn’t a more effective way to ruin a party than by running on to talk and then leave the room to catch up. It’s a bad idea to talk for more than 30 seconds at a time, since you run the risk of talking yourself into addiction. If you must talk, do it in small chunks rather than standing still and chatting endlessly.

Second, don’t hold hands too long. Hold hands at inappropriate times and you’ll quickly find your party gone and forgotten. Holding hands means being physically close to each other, which is great in small groups, but not so great when more than two people are in the party. Avoid holding hands unless you’re both available and able to keep eye contact.

Next, don’t drive too fast. Driving to and from events can be dangerous, particularly if you’re having to make an excursion through multiple streets and intersections. Instead, walk and take the same amount of turns. If you need to go faster to get somewhere, do it as slowly as you safely can. Of course, you will need to be aware that driving too fast can also spoil a party.

Next, avoid wearing too much jewelry. This goes for bracelets, necklaces and anything else. Jewelry tends to attract attention and, once in a crowd, can be difficult to keep under control. Also, it’s probably best to avoid wearing shorts to a formal event unless you are hiring a limousine to carry your date or hire one of the many comfortable dance poles at some of the clubs. There are far too many misconceptions about what is and isn’t appropriate to wear at a formal party.

Finally, don’t over-celebrate. Many people believe that going to a party is just about having fun. Going overboard may actually turn people away.

There are, of course, a variety of situations where keeping it light may be a good idea. For example, you may not want to have a black tie affair at work if there are other employees who won’t tolerate it. You may decide to attend a friend’s graduation party instead of the bride’s. If you know the guest list ahead of time, you’ll know whether or not there will be problems with keeping the color theme in line.

It is impossible to completely avoid the color factor when planning a formal party. In fact, it may be the only way to keep things under control. It is important to note that you don’t need to over-do it, either. Lighten up on occasion, but not to the point where it becomes uncomfortable or boring.

You should make sure that your invitations give the right impression. Invitations featuring pictures of candles and flowers are always a good idea. Choose invitations with simple but elegant text. If you are hosting a very casual party, try to send your guests home with party packs instead of a gift.

When choosing food for your party, keep it simple. Steak and lobster tails are very elegant, but you may find that you want to serve tapas. Both chilled and live seafood are easy to prepare. Offer plenty of appetizers and finger foods to keep guests interested in the main meal.

Be careful not to serve your favorite dishes too early. If you are having your party a day or two before the wedding, be sure to reserve your best food for that day. On the other hand, you may find that you are so full that you have no choice but to serve all your favorite foods at your reception. If you have any caterers, ask them to suggest any foods that you can have without compromising your budget. You can even let the caterer create the menu on your behalf.

At the end of the day, as long as your wedding is a joyful experience for the bride and groom, it will go just as smoothly for your guests. In fact, if you keep ‘Keep it light’ as your theme, you will find that you will have more fun with the planning process. When you are finally ready to announce the happy news, you will be able to send out your invitations and eliminate the stress of the last-minute rush. Your guests will be happy to attend the party and will remember it for years to come.

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